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Always moving, occasionally disquieting, Tsiaras's visual explorations of the human body are compelling visual stories that show what an amazing thing the body is. He displays them . . . hoping to change how people think about health, and their bodies.
Avery Comarow, Health Rankings Editor - U.S. New & World Report
Striking anatomical images . . . Their purpose: To wow and inform.
Washington Post
A step into medicine's future.
Chicago Tribune
These images capture life and in their association with illness show it at its most mysterious and most vulnerable . . . A magical anatomy tour.
The New York Times
If there is to be an Audubon of the human form, Tsiaras can make rightful claim to the title.
A fascinating look at the inner workings of the human body.
This enormous cache of digital information is being transformed in a provocative new method of visualizing--and thereby understanding.
ID Magazine
[Tsiaras] reworks data to dazzling effects.
Scientific American
I am giving Alexander's book to everyone I know for Christmas.
[Alexander Tsiaras] developed this incredible new motion picture of the human body.
Diane Sawyer - Good Morning America
Stunning, Stunning.
Charlie Rose
Alexander Tsiaras . . . left no technological stone unturned to build this work about the subtle architecture of the human form. . . . this astounding & beautiful book--superb in its abilities to address basic questions about . . . the human form . . .
Adrianne Noe, Director - The National Museum of Health and Medicine