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Team of Elite Fighter Pilots, Experts on Flawless Execution.

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The Adrenaline Shot

Just when we thought we were out of the woods, we’re rolling into our third year of the pandemic driven uncertainty. Now’s a great time to check in with your team, wrap your arms around each other and as a team, lean into what is likely to be another challenging year.

To help you rally your team and remind yourself how resilient you all are, how capable you can be when you work together and the determination you share to succeed Afterburner Australia is launching THE ADRENALINE SHOT.

A short sharp keynote or half-day workshop designed to focus your people and break up the monotony of remote work. The goal? To equip your team with the skills fighter pilots use to remain effective during adversity, delivering a 98% success rate.

Join over 3,500 of the worlds most successful, action-focused businesses and schedule a discovery call now.

Flawless Execution

Whether you’re wanting a keynote, team building and development, or a training program- the approach remains the same. Their keynote will introduce you to the FLEX Methodology and mindset, whilst more immersive programs will allow you to practice and experience the benefits of FLEX first-hand.

To help facilitate those “a-ha!” moments, Afterburner customizes its programs to ensure they are tailored to your strategic objectives to deliver a “how to get things done better, faster and with greater success” message to your team.

First, you meet your fighter pilot and learn what it takes to be one and how Flex can assist you in accelerating your own success. Your pilot focuses on everything from highly skilled commentary, awe-inspiring and compelling stories to multimedia for you to become fully immersed in the world of a fighter pilot. They might have you holding on to the edge of your seat, but most importantly, they help your people understand that success is a mindset, not a talent.

They remind you that being consistently successful is possible if we all understand the common human performance traits that get in our way and understand the simple way to manage them. Once you understand a little more about the fighter pilots' secret to success, Boo and his team will take you on the FLEX journey and show how it can be applied to your life, your team and your organization.

Key highlights of the program include:

  • The importance of aligning strategy and day to day goals, with clarity and total accountability
  • PLAN – How to plan collaboratively and set realistic goals
  • BRIEF – The importance of communication when executing a plan or strategy
  • EXECUTE – Highlighting the performance-draining effects of task saturation and how to prioritize, focus and achieve 300% more in a day or “3X”
    your team.
  • DEBRIEF – Improve performance, enhance mentoring, and deliver change rapidly through a simple meeting focused on learning from common mistakes and errors in a “n

Afterburner Inc
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