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Current: Afterburner Keynotes: Learn How To Think Like A Fighter Pilot!

Time 03:08

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Afterburner Keynotes: Learn How To Think Like A Fighter Pilot!
Time 03:08
Who is Afterburner?
Time 00:59
Our CEO, Christian "Boo" Boucousis, explains Flawless Execution
Time 01:24
Afterburner's Top Gun Experience: Unleash Your Team's Inner Maverick
Time 02:50

Inspirational 1 pilot Keynote

A high energy, interactive presentation to include inspiration, storytelling, audience participation and concrete takeaway. We will customize the content to hone in on concrete tools that drive lasting impact for your audience.

Signature 2 pilot Keynote

An additional pilot provides an incredible stage dynamic and really drives home the concept of teamwork and collaboration. The pilots both speak from the stage and during our interactive pieces, the second pilot uses the roving mic. Importantly, this is also experiential so both pilots remain behind for photo ops and attend any social functions. Two pilots means there's more to go around!

CEO Keynote
Christian "Boo" Boucousis

You get our CEO, Christian “Boo” Boucousis and our Flawless Leadership keynote. Boo is an accomplished entrepreneur who started out life as a fighter pilot and turned the fighter pilot mindset into a number of multi-million dollar businesses. Ten years ago he started speaking and now he shares how to apply the the fighter pilot mindset and ways of working to effectively lead in business, or - Flawless Leadership

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