Five Characteristics of Flawlessly Executing Organizations

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Here are there five characteristics of flawlessly executing organizations.

I. Perform as High-Reliability Organizations (HROs): Researchers Weick and Sutcliffe have coined the term mindfulness to describe 5 characteristics of most HRO's. HRO‘s are organizations that operate in high-risk environments, but operate with few accidents. The principles and processes within the Flawless Execution® Model correspond to and directly support the development of those five characteristics within organizations.

II. Committed to Collaborative (Open) Planning: Individuals are prone to a host of cognitive errors when planning and making decisions. Research shows that, when utilizing good processes, collaboration among diverse teams is the surest way to improve planning, decision making, and cooperation. Afterburner possesses a unique proprietary facilitation method we call Teamstorming? for effective collaboration.

III. Demonstrate a Culture of Learning and Accountability: Learning is essential to accelerating performance and adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. Flawless Execution®, through its proprietary planning and debriefing processes, develops a culture where even front-line workers are empowered to speak up and offer their thoughts and concerns. It holds each individual accountable and responsible to contribute to the success of the whole organization. Furthermore, it encourages Mutual Support - the concept that I am responsible for the success of my team and team mates.

IV. Provide Leader and Leadership Development: Flawless Execution® relies upon good leadership, a quality necessary within any successful team or organization. Its processes naturally support the development of better leaders through a focus upon learning, accountability, team work, collaboration, honesty and transparency. Adherence to its basic processes puts leaders up front where they belong in order to gain greater experience in leadership roles. It provides opportunities for those without leadership experience to gain it in a safe, supportive environment.

V. Fully Aligned Organization: The organization as-a-whole must be aligned to the same goals or vision. In Flawless Execution®, alignment toward organizational goals can be traced in a straight line from the bottom to the top. That line includes simple, yet clearly defined concepts that begin with the Future Picture (Vision/Goal) achieved through a Strategy communicated through Leader‘s Intent and developed in three levels of planning propelled by the Flawless Execution Cycle? of Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief that operates at every level of the organization. 

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