Adolph "Doc" Brown | Educational Excellence and Leadership Development & Co-Host of The Parent Test on ABC

Adolph "Doc" Brown

Educational Excellence and Leadership Development & Co-Host of The Parent Test on ABC

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Adolph "Doc" Brown
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Adolph "Doc" Brown
Featured Keynote Programs

The BEST School Year EVER!™ Opening Day with Dr. Adolph Brown

Credentialed Master Teacher Dr. Adolph Brown brings a "Party with a Purpose" to your district for Opening Day Convocation. With music, motivation and relevant evidenced-based data driven messages (addressing equity, classroom management, differentiated teaching strategies, implicit bias, growth mindset, social & emotional learning, trauma-informed teaching and so much more) Dr. Brown inspires all to be the very best they can be! Participants are guaranteed to think more critically, dance out loud, belly laugh and even cry.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will be uplifted and motivated to start the school year.
2. Participants will understand the importance of developing relationships with students and each other, as well as maintaining a positive, professional attitude.

"What Might I Be Wrong About?"™

Dr. Brown believes that learning is the easy part, and UNLEARNING is the hard part. Join Dr. Brown on a journey of professional and self revelation. He incorporates elements of the sciences of neuroscience research, humanistic psychology, educational theory and cultural anthropology to help us overcome faulty perceptions, stereotype threat, ego-centrism and blind spots. You are sure to leave this session a better human-being.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will learn about the concept of "psychological safety" in the workplace.
2. Participants will learn strategies to create and sustain healthy, supportive, positive and safe work environments.

The Early Years
The Benefits of Early Childhood Education™

Head Start helped young Adolph Brown with his rough start. Who Dr. Adolph Brown is today, began with Head Start. Dr. Brown is giving back to the places where it all begins by addressing educators, parents, guardians, and paraprofessionals of Early Childhood Development. Dr. Brown is a frequently invited motivational keynote speaker, child development trainer, and seminar leader on topics of child development birth to 8, parent engagement, family engagement, community engagement and father involvement. As a former Head Start student and practicing clinical and educational psychologist, Dr. Adolph Brown has successfully consulted with and positively impacted over 100 Head Start programs and early childhood organizations across the nation and abroad.

Learning Objectives

Dr. Brown shares his triumphant journey as a Head Start student with inspiring stories and hilarious anecdotes coupled with gems of early childhood, parenting, and professional development insights and evidence-based research.
Dr. Adolph Brown provides relatable education, sound advice and applicable strategies for all parents, teachers, and staff of all early childhood programs, child and welfare agencies, and foster care organizations.

Reflective Educators are Effective Educators™ (Teachers, Teacher Leaders and/or School Leaders)

Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why we think, say, and do certain things…then better ourselves. Self-reflection and self-correction are the highest forms of self learning and healing, thus to change the world around us, we must first change the world within us.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

Know that no matter how good a lesson is, one’s supervision and/or teaching strategies can always be improved.
Learn the process of connecting self-reflection to the teaching process.

Adolph "Doc" Brown
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Adolph "Doc" Brown

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