Premiere's Web Events

Web events are a powerful and budget-friendly way to bring world-class speakers to your audience.

Given today's economic and technological environment, live web events can serve as an affordable alternative or enhancement to a traditional live event.

Why A Web Event?
  • Save money on expenses such as flights, hotel, food and more for both the speaker and the audience
  • Connect a speaker with an audience in multiple locations
  • Reduce the time and energy of producing a traditional event
  • Enhance your event's effectiveness with web tools that will allow for deeper, lasting learning
Web Event Features

In order to best serve your needs, Premiere Speakers' web events can be customized for your needs. Here are a few options that we offer:

  • Live video and audio of the speaker for viewing on a personal computer or projection to a larger audience
  • Real-time audience participation via audience-submitted questions, live polls and more
  • Slides and visual presentations to accompany the live speaker video
  • On-demand archive that will allow anyone you select to access the event after the fact
  • Easy-to-use link and pass code for audience members. No special software, downloads or memberships are needed to access the event.

One of the biggest concerns that people have about web conferences is the technology. Do not worry. We will work with you to handle all the logistics ensuring a smooth, headache-free and cost-effective event.

Web events are available for many of Premiere's speakers. To schedule a web event or find out if a web event can enhance what your audience will gain, call us at 615-261-4000.

Web Event Speakers

The following speakers are just a few of our speakers who are available for web events. Contact us for details.

Frank Bucaro Frank Bucaro

Hall of Fame Speaker and Thought Leader on Values-based Leadership Development

Michelle Singletary Michelle Singletary

Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist, The Washington Post

Cam Marston Cam Marston

Informative, engaging, humorous, and full of concrete research

Jim Cathcart Jim Cathcart

Motivation Expert, Presentation Coaching, Singer/Songwriter, Bestselling Author and Hall of Fame Speaker

Vince Poscente Vince Poscente

BIG GOALS in Short Order / A unique value proposition designed to fit challenges faced today.

Ken Blanchard Ken Blanchard

Co-author of "The One Minute Manager"

Haydn Shaw Haydn Shaw

6 Change Reactions, Productivity, and Leaders; Author of "Sticking Points"

Robert Spector Robert Spector

Author of the Best-Seller, "The Nordstrom Way: The Inside Story of America's #1 Customer Service Company"