Vince Poscente | New York Times Bestselling Author, Olympian, and Hall of Fame Speaker, Activate Purpose + Accelerate Growth

Vince Poscente

New York Times Bestselling Author, Olympian, and Hall of Fame Speaker, Activate Purpose + Accelerate Growth

Vince Poscente

Vince Poscente is a highly sought-after keynote speaker known for his expertise in accelerating extraordinary goals, resilience, and overcoming obstacles. His insights are particularly relevant to today's business challenges of attracting and retaining great talent.

With a background spanning from recreational skier to Olympic athlete in just four years, Vince brings a unique perspective to achieving remarkable results. As an award-winning sales and marketing executive with a real estate investment service, he understands the demands of world-class organizations aiming to be bigger and better.

Vince holds a Masters in Organizational Management and is a serial entrepreneur. Being the youngest person to be inducted into the USA and Canadian Speaker Halls of Fame, he knows firsthand the role of innovation, persistence, and fearlessness in achieving big goals. His expertise extends to being a New York Times bestselling author of nine non-fiction books focused on self-help and business growth, as well as a leader and participant in six Himalayan expeditions.

Vince empowers teams to overcome obstacles and achieve the success they desire and deserve. His expertise can make a significant difference in how your team handles adversity and fosters success.

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Full Speed Ahead

Opening or closing high-energy keynote.

This keynote is a powerful experience that uses Vince's "recreational skier to Olympics in four years story" to deliver edge-of-your-seat inspiration and revenue-boosting tools for accelerated top-line growth.

1. Clarity of Purpose - Start with the emotional buzz that your product or service delivers.

2. Commitment is a Process - Leadership for the self is a living example of stepping into uncertainty.

3. Consistency in a Demanding Environment - Do what the competition is not willing to do.

4. Confidence is Key - Confident salespeople and leaders outperform competitors.

5. Control Routines - Optimize outcomes by setting yourself up to win.

Confidence On Call

When optimum results-at-speed are essential

This message has practical takeaways and instant motivation to get your team inspired to launch into uncertainty. It has been delivered around the world for business audiences wanting a high-energy, humorous, and inspiring message to break free from the limitations of chaos and 'stuckness.' It revolves around the three key elements of:

Courage is a function of internal and external alignment. It is triggered by necessity and fueled by "I'll figure it out when I get there."

Curiosity towards limitless possibilities of what a new reality looks like.

Creativity to narrow in on the best options that work best for those involved.

Companies have used this keynote to ensure employees feel part of a great industry while dedicated to engaging with superior confidence no matter what headwinds we face.

Franchise Leaders’ Winning Mindset

Practical takeaways for franchise growth

In the franchise and retail world, a winner’s mindset points to one thing: Do what the competition is not willing to do. How? Here's how to put your conference takeaways into action:

Be ALIGNED with the entire company rather than a “wait and see” approach. You've invested in their tools, let's optimize them.

Use AGILITY to be out front of the competition. Let's have everyone mirror your top performers.

Embrace ADAPTABILITY in the age of speed. Let's thrive in our more, faster, now world.

Vince Poscente uses his background as an Olympian and Expedition Leader in the Himalayas to address your two top concerns,  excellence in a competitive landscape and resilience on the path to new heights. Vince’s fun and energetic style is coupled with insights from his New York Times bestselling books on leadership for the self. For 25 years, Vince has helped franchise and retail leaders do what the competition is not willing to do.

Peak Performance Health and Safety

Creating a peak performance culture for healthcare or safety audiences.

Vince Poscente specializes in helping health and safety-conscious cultures improve risk performance through neuroscience and entertaining storytelling. His Peak Performance Mindset program is backed by years of leading climbing expeditions in the Himalayas (14 years, zero-incident), as a skier in the Olympics, NY Times bestselling author, and risk-aware partnerships with safety culture leaders around the world.

Conventional health or safety keynotes offer inspiration to approach their jobs differently. A Peak Performance Mindset keynote explains how in a fun and experiential way. The formula your audience will learn is based on three decades of research on how ‘the ideal mindset’ is established and sustained. When people change their minds, they change their behavior, for good.

Change your truth around health and safety and you can change the organization’s culture. Please note, when you choose the Peak Performance Mindset presentation, be sure to choose between a purely motivational keynote, insights packed with practical mindset tools, entertaining stories... or all three in one power-packed talk. 

Vince Poscente
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Vince Poscente

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