Tyler Tarver

Tyler Tarver education, teacher baller, youtube Tyler Tarver education, teacher baller, youtube

Tyler Tarver Speech Topics

How to Be a #Baller Teacher

This talk is a fun, inspiring, and informative guide for teachers to help set their classroom goals, connect and empower students, and foster creativity in the classroom. It will be a compilation of personal stories, advice, thoughts, and resources. The goal is for teachers to be able to build...

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YouTube Learning

This will focus on the theory and practical aspects of creating, organizing, marketing, and sharing videos created for any aspect of the education arena, and especially schools developing or maintaining a one-to-one environment. With the emerging development of online resources, learning, and...

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#Hacking Google

#Hacking Google will provide much more than just a surface level knowledge of Forms, Docs, Sheets, YouTube, and Add-ons by empowering your teachers to create a blueprint that adapts around each individual learner, all from a Google Certified Teacher and Trainer. Based on giving teachers the...

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