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Tony Perzow negiotiating, negotiation Tony Perzow negiotiating, negotiation

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Tony is one of the most dynamic presenters I have ever met. He keeps the audience's energy at impressive levels along his workshops. Tony is a subject matter expert who delivers 110% while keeping detail-oriented, pragmatic approaches to his instruction. In addition, his vast expertise with multinational corporations allows him to transfer numerous situation-based scenarios that apply to any industry. I absolutely recommend Tony for any negotiation training needs your company might have. Tony will deliver a memorable experience.

Fernando - Pfizer

Tony Perzow's training session was very constructive for me. I considered myself not a novice in Negotiations, which is why I signed up for such a compressed training session. But Tony was able to deliver nuances of Negotiation that I never thought of or even considered in the past. His way of demonstrating techniques is such that one never forgets.

Ruben - Panasonic

Tony is one of my favorite instructors! He is knowledgeable, vivacious and doesn’t take himself too seriously. More importantly he is able to keep your attention for long periods of time. I recently had a need to train my team of production managers?and Tony was my first choice, going with anybody else wasn’t even an option.

Andrea - Red Bull

One of the best presentations I've attended in the past 23 years!

Shawn D. - Fort Miller Group

Tony Perzow delivered the most engaging, interesting and memorable presentation of negotiation tactics I've experienced.

Drew P. - Daimler Trucks

The material is great. Tony Perzow is outstanding. Excellent at transferring knowledge, very engaging!

Scott L, Vice President Of Finance - G. L. Huyett

Of all the seminars and courses I took after graduating from University, this one was definitely the most effective and enjoyable. Tony has a very charismatic way of presenting the material and he connected with our group of over 30 people in a fantastic way. His knowledge of the material was outstanding and he was able to clearly explain all the concepts while maintaining an engaging atmosphere.

Anibal J. Strategic Business Development - Primalogik Software

Tony possesses two amazing skills. First, he is an expert negotiator. He understands strategies, interactions and human nature. He knows how to craft a better deal. Second, and more importantly, Mr. Perzow is a natural communicator and teacher. His classes are fun and challenging at the same time. I have personally attended and have several clients who have been through Tony's seminars. We continue to see value. A final word. Tony is my secret weapon when I need to better understand a negotiation. What more can I say?

Frank H, Founding Partner - River Heights Consulting

Tony Perzow's negotiation seminar was the best that I have ever taken. Even exceeds a much longer course in college.

Brett M, Film Buyer - Starz Network

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your advice regarding negotiating salary tips. I have happily accepted an offer and was able to negotiate additional perks thanks to you! What I found really helpful in the salary negotiation process was your advice on anchoring, shaping expectations, and allowing the deal to get bigger. My biggest takeaway was to not go into a fearful mode of "tap dancing" when being compared to a competing candidate. Thank you!

Aida T, Partner Relations Manager -