Taya Kyle | NYT Best-selling author of American Wife and Widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Taya Kyle

NYT Best-selling author of American Wife and Widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Taya Kyle

Taya Kyle was unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight when her husband, Chris Kyle, one of America’s greatest heroes was murdered. Chris’ story was told in the book and movie, American Sniper. Chris did many combat tours for the United States as a Navy SEAL. 

Taya continues to rise above her grief and pain with a family she loves and a platform honoring Chris’ life. Taya provides help and hope to those going through tragic times through speaking engagements, writing and her foundation, Taya and Chris Kyle Family - Service Marriage Strong.

Taya became a New York Times best-selling author with her first book, American Wife, and in 2019 released her second book – American Spirit – a collection of short stories chronicling the lives of inspirational people she has met through her travels, all of whom show the American Spirit is as strong as ever. Later this year, she is also releasing her first Children’s book series titled Prayers For Bears.

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Faith, Family and Freedom

Taya Kyle's just like any other American - her strong faith allows her to fight through even the toughest of times, family keeps her going and grounded and she's a patriot who believes in the Freedom of being American and the American Spirit - all with a healthy, but irreverent, sense of humor. Those three pillars have got her through the challenges she has faced - from Chris' death while squarely in the public eye, to raising children on her own and creating a new life for herself. She has become a beacon of strength for military and first responder spouses, but her story of Faith, Family and Freedom goes deeper than that and resonates to people of all ages, genders and races the world over.

The Ripple Effect

Utilizing the "Pay it Forward" idea, Taya Kyle believes the Ripple Effect is a powerful thing. One small act of kindness can mean the world to another individual. It can also start a movement, spreading hope from one person to a whole nation.

Recounting the Kyle families' personal experiences, Mrs. Kyle shares the power and impact of taking one step in faith.

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Taya Kyle

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