Tara Martin

Tara Martin, Exclusive Premiere, Teaching Principles Be Real, BookSnaps, education, administrator Tara Martin, Exclusive Premiere, Teaching Principles Be Real, BookSnaps, education, administrator

Tara Martin Speech Topics

Be REAL: Educate from the Heart

Future Ready, Building Relationships, Social Emotional Learning, Creating a Culture of Innovation

Keynote, Ted-type-Talk, or Ignite

This invigorating message interweaves Tara’s overcoming experiences as an “at-risk” student and a first-generation college graduate. She shares how we must embrace...

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#BookSnaps – Snapchat for Annotation & Digital Visualization

Digital Visual Representation of Learning (Also, offered as #BookSnaps with Google Apps.)

Workshop: 1hr or 1.5 hrs

During this interactive workshop, participants will actively explore the science, creation, and impact of #BookSnaps.

The Snapchat app is a primary form of communication for students...

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REAL Talk Remix

Structures to Engage in Meaningful Group Discussion, Social Emotional Learning

Workshop 60 mins, 90 mins or 1/2 day

Tired of “open classroom discussion” when one person dominates the entire conversation? Or, what about professional book studies or staff meetings that feel like homework?

Want to...

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REAL + Innovators’ Compass

Tool for Building Relationships / Social Emotional Learning

Workshop, or Team-Builder: 60 mins or 90 mins

Relationship building is at the heart of what we do as educators. Let’s make it meaningful.

Join this interactive session to discover how REAL + The Innovators’ Compass will help learners...

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Professional Time Capsule

Innovative Documentation of the Learning Journey

Workshop 60 mins or 90 mins

A website is always a work in progress, but that is the beauty of capturing the growth and journey in this professional time capsule. You are competing with no one; you’re simply documenting your journey. When you think...

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The Cannonball-In Theory

Encourages Risk-Taking and Learning Through the Process

Ted-type-Talk, or Ignite

Are you standing on the edge and considering whether or not to take a risk that will benefit those you serve, yourself as a leader, your students, or your family and friends?

No matter your walk in life, the...

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REAL Talk Treasures

Coaching Conversation Strategies for All Roles in Education & Life

Social-Emotional Learning Tool

Workshop 60 mins, 90 mins, or day

Tara has served many years as an instructional coach and most recently as a supervisor of district-wide instructional coaches. Coaching is at the heart of Tara...

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Want to Peek Into the Minds of Learners? For REAL!

Want To Peek Into the Minds of Learners? For REAL!

Innovative Opportunities to Respond - Digital & Hands-On Strategies

Workshop: 60 mins, 90 mins, or day

Would you like to peek into the minds of the learners you serve?
Then, prepare to have your mind blown during this workshop.


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Other Topics Tara Frequently Presents:

- Become a Connected Educator
- From Blogger to Author
- Approachability Principles from the Kickboxer
- REAL Talk for Preservice Teachers

Tara is, also, willing to tailor the PD topic to meet the needs of your school community. Just complete the form below and specify your needs.

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