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Stu Schlackman, Sales Training Stu Schlackman, Sales Training

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Profiting from Personality Perspectives
You’ve experienced it many times, haven’t you? You meet someone and everything just clicks. When that someone is a customer, you’re able to sell them your services and products. Yet other times, you’ve used every bit of your skill and experience to try to meet your customer’s needs, and it is...
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Maximizing Teams with Personality Styles
Team performance is critical when it comes to success. Maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses will bring a team to the next level in a very short time. Understanding the strengths of the four personality styles will add a new dimension to a team when they communicate and make decisions....
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Building Your Value Proposition
Customers need to understand the value that you provide, and if you can’t convey that, you and your company will be perceived primarily as a cost. Throughout the process – from getting the first meeting with a prospect to closing the sale – a value proposition needs to be delivered to the...
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Presentations with Purpose
Communication is the most important element of every job in a company. Conveying your message to your peers, subordinates and management is critical to your company’s success. Learn the skills and tools needed to give a powerful presentation that targets your specific audience and informs,...
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he Realities of Prospecting
The biggest challenge for every sales team is winning new business. The only way to find new customers is by prospecting. How do you prospect? What is a waste of time and what is productive? Does cold calling work for you or do you fear it like a root canal? Learn the best methods for prospecting...
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