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Doug Stevenson is a storytelling in business speaker, trainer and coach. He is the author of the book, Doug Stevenson's Story Theater Method. He has created training programs for leadership, sales, and marketing teams as well as train-the-trainer programs. Doug was one of the first practitioners of corporate storytelling skills and has taught his methodology in 18 countries. He teaches leaders, marketers, salespeople and trainers how to create and present customized stories that make their ...

Wow! I’ve had emails, phone calls, hugs and congratulations from just about everybody who attended your storytelling program. They are all feeling energized and excited. You breathed new life into us and validated our skills and deep experience as storytellers; exactly what we needed to go forth, listen and tell.

Patty Perkins, Internal Communications Solutions - Wells Fargo

Our group of mostly fortune 500 companies gave Doug our highest presenter rating and felt that he provided very practical tips with specific usage that they could put into action. Storytelling is vital for effective communications and Doug certainly delivers that message in a targeted, enthusiastic and engaging presentation! If you’re looking for a storytelling in business speaker, Doug Stevenson should be your first call.

Steve Tingley, President - CMMA

Recently, I used many of the storytelling skills that you shared during your presentation at our leadership retreat. Those skills helped me connect with the audience and take them on a journey….Your unique and engaging style of teaching storytelling made a big difference in my presentation.

Frankie Eichenberger, Regional Market Manager - US Bank

. I actually don’t have words to express how my outlook towards life has changed by attending your Presentation session. I am confident, motivated and inspired to confidently express myself ….all credit to you. I can’t thank you enough!

Preetaman Wadhwa, BAI Manager - Amgen Biotech

Your delivery was engaging, enlightening, and entertaining. Your presentations were the two highest scoring sessions in our entire conference. Your breakout session was also the only standing room only one of the entire conference.

Brian R. Gareau, OE + E Manager - Caterpillar

I’ve personally used what I learned from Doug and have found it to be practical, valuable and fun. I’ve also hired him two more times to work with other groups. His workshop is both inspirational and very practical, with easy-to-use tools and techniques. I’m constantly looking for opportunities to bring Doug back into Oracle and I highly recommend him. Doug Stevenson delivers!

Elizabeth Wiseman, VP - Oracle University
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