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Culture is as Leadership Does!
The culture of any organization, from a large company to a small family, is what makes that organization effective. It has impact on everything we do, everything we are and everything we become. Yet it is the one thing we seem to have the toughest time building and maintaining. Culture is defined...
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Unstuck Teams
In this session will discuss the challenges faced in sustaining a successful leadership-centered culture within your company. You’ll learn about the six cycles that all people, teams and organizations go through in getting “stuck,” and how to recognize and navigate that space. Steve will then...
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Understanding Weird People
Leading your team to sustained success has never been more important. In addition to client challenges, you must also manage differing personalities and the difficulties that technology can impose on personal relationships. The common thread to achieving success in all these areas is connection....
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Default People Mode
Leadership in its simplest form is influence and it is how we steward that influence that makes our leadership effective or not. It is how we navigate through the complexities of human weirdness to “accomplish our goal with people.” In this unconventional session, we will talk about that common...
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