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Star Bobatoon

Star Bobatoon has over 30 years of experience as a performer on stage and screen, as an award-winning keynote speaker and top performing trainer and workshop facilitator.  As a public speaking and storytelling coach, Star works with teams and individuals to sharpen communication and performance skills so they can deliver compelling messages that amplify their influence and their impact.

After earning her law degree from UCLA, Star worked as an employment law and diversity attorney and then leveraged her legal background as an HR consultant and trainer.  She shifted her focus to communication after finding that poor communication was at the heart of most diversity issues. 

In order to master her communication and training skills, Star trained and shared the stage with motivational icon Les Brown and ran his speaker training program.  She then honed her skills as a contract trainer for a national training company becoming the top trainer in sales and performance.  Star has been honored to share the stage with Blair Singer, Suze Orman, and former first lady, Michelle Obama. 

As a keynote speaker and captivating storyteller, Star educates, entertains and inspires.  Her dedication to uplifting and empowering audiences is evident on the stage and in her two books, STARPoints:  Illuminate Your Life Vols. I & II.  

She utilizes her diverse background to create an informative and highly interactive experience that leaves audiences and clients informed, inspired and equipped with the practical skills necessary to achieve higher levels of personal and professional excellence. 

Star Bobatoon
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Decide, Believe, Take Action

Decide, Believe Take Action is about finding strength and clarity the midst of chaos; facing obstacles head on and turning them into advantages. It not only offers inspiration but practical tools to continue to stand resilient against any obstacles.

Audiences will acquire tools to: 

  • View challenging situations differently
  • Create a game plan to get beyond the moment 
  • Move past their fears and doubts to accomplish goals
  • Renew determination toward ambitions

Are You Listening? Better Communication for Better Results

One of the most valuable skills in any business or walk of life is communication. We all learned how to talk, but few of us learned how to communicate so that all parties feel heard and understood.  Poor communication skills negatively impact our relationships, our businesses and our society inviting conflict, misunderstanding, stress and hostility. Learn how elevating your communications skills, whether in front of an audience of 1 or 1,000, can enhance relationships and increase revenue.

  • Guidelines to better communication
  • How to listen so that people can hear you 
  • Understand what you say matters as much as how you say it
  • Discover the easiest way to engage a listener.

Title Doesn’t Make a Leader

We’ve all experienced people in leadership positions who clearly do not know how to lead.  Great leadership is a combination of skill, talent and frame of mind; none of which are automatically bestowed based on promotion or title. The good news is that the characteristics that define true leadership can be acquired and enhanced.  

In this interactive presentation you will learn the B.E.S.T. leadership model that will enable you can bring out the best in others, and find, develop and advance the best in yourself.   Walk away with key strategies to help you stand in your power and increase your ability to lead from any position.  

Participants will 

  • Understand the B.E.S.T. leadership model and how to apply it
  • Learn 4 steps to increase your self-confidence as a leader
  • Discover how effective communication impacts your leadership
  • Establish a game plan to implement what you’ve learned.

Use the Good China

We are all endowed with gifts, talents and abilities that are uniquely ours.  Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize our value or understand the positive impact we can make on our families, careers, businesses, and communities.  Stop resisting, ignoring and hiding your gifts.  Learn the mindset and the skills to embrace your inner light and be the STAR you were born to be.

Learn to: 

  • Embrace your natural talents and unique gifts
  • Understand how working on your strengths instead of your weaknesses can explode your impact 
  • Find the freedom to explore your true capacity

Star Bobatoon
Featured Books

STARPoints Vol. 2: 31 Strategies to Illuminate Your Life

by Star Bobatoon

STARPoints Vol. 1: 31 Strategies to Illuminate Your Life

by Star Bobatoon

Star Bobatoon
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