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Body Language Expert, Author of The Power of Body Language & The YES Factor

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Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman is a Nonverbal Communication Specialist. She is a media personality, keynote speaker, consultant and corporate trainer. In addition, she has authored three books: The Power of Body Language, The YES Factor and The Body Language of Dating.

She has provided expert body language analysis and knowledge of communication in print, radio and various TV media such as Fox News Channel, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, and Fast Money. Furthermore, she contributes to articles on body language and persuasion which are featured in prints such as Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine, US Weekly,The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Men's Health, Women's Health and Woman's World.

Tonya Reiman's passion for body language began in her first year of college at Pace University when a psychology professor came nose to nose with her in order to demonstrate the significance of "personal space". Building from that pivotal moment, she later graduated from Pace University and began her independent research of non-verbal communication. Due to the disciplines' non-traditional nature, she was forced to create her program as she studied. In addition, She received a degree from the State University of New York in Communication.

For over a decade, Tonya honed her skills in the fields of training, communication and influence working with executives and staff in the financial industry. Her passion for hypnosis also proved useful in this arena and assisted many clients in furthering their goals.

Today, her keynotes, seminars and workshops assist companies in growth and effective communication. She is skilled in customization providing keynotes specific to the needs of the group or organization. Riveting, energizing and inspiring, she delivers practical content with each memorable presentation.

Tonya Reiman
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Tonya Reiman
Featured Keynote Programs

Non-Verbal Communication - Body Language- Your body speaks louder than your voice.

Body language or non-verbal communication makes up approximately 75% of all communication. Did you know that you can determine if a person is lying by a subtle shift in their eyes. You can learn if they are interested in you simply by noticing their pupils. Allow me to demonstrate to your group or organization the subtle skill of reading nonverbal communication and body language.

Learn to read body postures
Master effective ways to persuade others to your point of view
Learn to read what someone's face is saying
Identify the cues for lying and learn to read them quickly and easily
Discover how to change your appearance to make others more interested in you

Effective Communication:
Effective Communication:

Communication is the golden key to so many doors in both your business and personal life. Becoming an effective communicator can literally be a life changing experience.

How do you become a powerful communicator? It takes a lot more than words. Learn the key communication skills that will make others want to be around you. Learn to overcome mistakes that curtail communication.

Three keys to build rapport in the first few minutes of a conversation
Discover how to be perceived as credible and reliable
Master "looking" relaxed in any situation
Communicate powerfully with your words, your tones, and your body language
Dominate a conversation simply by listening skillfully

Influence and Persuasion

What the Ability to Influence Can Do for You!

Become a personal magnet, enhancing your charisma... people find you fascinating.
Gain compliance, almost as often as you want.
Manage your emotional state and the state of others.
Be confident in all communication with subordinates, peers and "superiors".
Be an expert at sending and receiving nonverbal messages to clue you into another person's agenda.
How to get just about anything you need while developing win/win relationships!
Ethically persuade others to your way of thinking.


How do you motivate someone to do something that is not important to them? Make it important to them. Give them a reason to become excited and energized.

The "How To" constantly achieve win-win situations
Master goal creation - personal and business
Discover the rewards of recognition

Tonya Reiman
Featured Books

The Power of Body Languageby Tonya Reiman

The Power of Body Language

by Tonya Reiman
Nationally renowned body language expert Tonya Reiman illuminates what until now has been a gray area in interpersonal communication: harnessing the power of your nonverbal cues to get what you want out of every aspect of life, from professional encounters to personal relationships.

Unlike other books on this fascinating topic, The Power of Body Language is your practical, personal playbook for getting what you desire from others -- and zoning in on what others are saying to you without words. Once you know the hidden meaning behind specific gestures, facial cues, stances, and body movements, you will possess a sixth sense that can be a life-changing, career-saving, trouble-shooting skill you will never leave home without! Learn how to:

Take control of your own secret signals

Gain trust -- and detect untrustworthiness

Ace a job interview

Shake hands (the right way)

Make a dazzling first impression

Exude confidence -- even when you're not feeling it

Recognize if someone is lying

Understand why men and women speak a different language

Read a face to know a person's inner emotional state...and much more.

In an insightful and engaging narrative, Tonya Reiman analyzes all of the components of body language -- the languages of the face, the body, space and touch, and sound. She shows you how to become a Master Communicator with The Reiman Rapport Method, a surefire system for building an instant connection with anyone, in any situation. And she shares the experiences of her clients, from executives to politicians to relationship seekers: Learn from Cindy, a confident and ambitious manager who turned her career around by altering the subconscious messages she was sending her male colleagues...and Peter, the wedding DJ whose client list blossomed as soon as he practiced the art of social smiling!

Peppered with photos and fun facts, The Power of Body Language is as entertaining as it is instructive. Get the power to send and receive the messages you want -- and never be left in the dark again.

The Body Language of Datingby Tonya Reiman

The Body Language of Dating

by Tonya Reiman
Nationally renowned body language expert Tonya Reiman turns her attention to romance--explaining how to read the signals of your date, your mate, or that cutie across the bar--and never get rejected again

Are you willing to leave your romantic

The Yes Factor: Get What You Want, Say What You Mean by Reiman, Tonyaby Tonya Reiman

The Yes Factor: Get What You Want, Say What You Mean by Reiman, Tonya

by Tonya Reiman
Shares strategies for combining verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to improve one's clarity, promote agendas, and increase confidence.

Tonya Reiman
Featured Reviews

Tonya Reiman
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