Ryan Sheehy | Educator/ Leadership & Life Coach, Author of "Be The One For Kids" and Co-Author of Principals In Action. "You have the power to change the lives of others, together we can unleash that power."

Ryan Sheehy

Educator/ Leadership & Life Coach, Author of "Be The One For Kids" and Co-Author of Principals In Action. "You have the power to change the lives of others, together we can unleash that power."

Ryan Sheehy

Ryan was raised in Southern California where he attended public school, private school, and was even homeschooled. He has seen and been part of all types of education systems, which gives him a different perspective.

He has an immense dedication for kids and for making sure all educators understand the power they have in a child's life. Ryan has been a physical education teacher, High School Vice Principal, and Elementary Principal, prior to becoming the Director of Human Resources for one of the largest school districts in California.

Working in the community in which he lives, allows Ryan to build and maintain strong relationships with staff, students, and the community ensuring that the right people are being hired for the right positions for students and their learning.

When you ask Ryan, who he is, his first response is husband to Barbara and father to Robert, Joshua, Julianna, and Zachary. Ryan is a passionate husband, father, and educator that has made it his mission to help every child and adult live up to their potential and unleash their power to change the lives of others.

Ryan Sheehy
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Be The one For Kids
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Ryan Sheehy
Featured Keynote Programs

10 Ways Every Educator Can Be The One For Kids

Motivational Keynote presentation - Be The One For Kids is a simple yet profound message and we should all start having the conversation of how we can Be The One For Kids. This keynote takes the audience on a journey through education, by hearing engaging stories about my journey, the impact we all have, and how we can all unleash our power to change the lives of our students. This keynote lists 10 ways that every educator can Be The One For Kids. The audience will leave inspired and encouraged to do whatever it takes for kids.

Audience: All Educators

Unleash Your Power

Breakout Session

Unleash Your Power is a breakout session that talks about:Create a mindset of every child belongs and every staff member does as well. I will take you step by step on how I transformed a school campus and created a place where staff and students wanted to be, even at night. We explore the audiences why and how they build connections. Together we can change the game of education. Audience members will walk away with simple concepts to change the narrative of their school and classroom.

Audience: All Educators

Be An Educator In Action

Breakout Sessions

We will go on a journey through stories and ways that they can simply enhance your teaching practices and build relationships. By being an educator in action we can provide more meaningful support and build stronger relationships. We must get out of our classrooms and office and get into action! Audience members will leave with a renewed sense of how every educator can play an active part in every students life.

Audience: All Educators

Diving Deep While Still Breathing
A Guide To The Home/School Partnership

The home to school partnership has been put front and center this year during the COVID 19 pandemic. This session will dive deep into practical strategies that all educators can implement in their school tomorrow to help create a partnership with the community to help students succeed on and off-campus. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and to take advantage of the partnerships we have built and continue to grow. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of how to build this relationship and how to implement things that get results.

Ryan Sheehy
Featured Books

Principals in Actionby Ryan Sheehy

Principals in Action

by Ryan Sheehy
Be the One for Kidsby Ryan Sheehy

Be the One for Kids

by Ryan Sheehy

One person can make a difference.

That person can be you.

"I want to show others that one person can make the difference in a child's life. I want all educators, parents, coaches, and everyone in between to know they have power to Be the One for Kids."

--Ryan Sheehy

If you ever feel like you're all alone or think that no one gets you, just imagine how your students feel. Kids want what we all want: Someone to care, someone to be there for them, someone to stand up for them, cheer for them, laugh with them and, sometimes, wipe away their tears.

Yes, students need our guidance to succeed academically. But they also need our help to survive and thrive in today's turbulent world. They need someone--they need you--to model the attributes that will help them win not just in school but in life as well. That's what it means to be the one for kids.

"Be the One for Kids is a wonderful, inspiring collection of experiences and practical opportunities that remind us to do what's right each and every day for kids. Join the movement, and be the one!"

--Hamish Brewer, the relentless principal

"Be the One for Kids will not only inspire and motivate but will give you practical ideas to take back to the schoolhouse to build unforgettable relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and community members."

--Beth Houf, proud principal and coauthor of Lead Like a Pirate

". . . A powerful reminder for all of us about the importance of taking time to

pause and enjoy the opportunities that we have been given to make a significant impact on all kids."

--Jimmy Casas, educator, author, and speaker



Ryan Sheehy
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Ryan Sheehy
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Relationships! Relationships! Relationships! - Ryan Sheehy bares his soul and shares his journey.

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Teach Me Teacher Podcast

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