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A Framework for Understanding Poverty

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Ruby Payne PhD

Ruby Payne is the authority on working across economic classes
to create sustainable communities where everyone can live well.
An engaging and down-to-earth speaker, Payne translates abstract
concepts into concrete strategies with a sense of humor that
leaves audiences wanting more.

After changing the conversation in education to focus on
poverty, Payne's work expanded into social services, criminal
justice, healthcare, the workplace, and emotional poverty.
Two recent publications won IPPY awards: Emotional Poverty
in All Demographics and Before You Quit Teaching.
Payne has written or coauthored many other books, including
Bridges Out of Poverty. Her book A Framework for Understanding
Poverty has sold 1.8 million copies and continues to help
people achieve success.

Payne's efforts have achieved a global reach, and she has
worked in Australia, China, Europe, India, North America,
and Southeast Asia. Payne founded aha! Process, a publishing
and consulting firm, in 1996.

aha! Process has received awards for its publications.
Payne has published books with Solution Tree Press and
the Association for Middle Level Education.

Ruby lives in Texas with her husband, Tee. She loves having
time with her son, Tom, and his husband, Carlos, and new
grandson, as well as Tee's children and grandchildren.

Ruby Payne PhD
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Current: The Poverty Mindset

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Ruby Payne PhD
Featured Keynote Programs

Research-Based Strategies

Serve under-resourced students with hands-on techniques that help you narrow and then close the achievement gap. Reduce planning time, improve effectiveness, and develop more immediate, reliable intervention strategies.

Most importantly, employ best practices to address student challenges before they become overwhelming.
Research-Based Strategies professional development provides strategies that can be integrated into any curriculum or program and will raise student achievement. Participants receive:

• 50+ strategies, their explanations, and relevant research
• Interventions that meet the needs of today’s under-resourced learners
• Student behavior chart, extensive references, and strategies categorized by academic, behavioral, and community concerns/challenges

Removing the Mask
Identifying and Serving Gifted Students from Poverty

School districts struggle to identify giftedness in students from poverty.

Do the demographics of your gifted and talented program accurately reflect the demographics of your campus? If not, this book provides solid research and adaptable tools to evaluate all students fairly for G/T identification.

Once identified, does your district provide social, emotional, and academic support so that students from impoverished backgrounds are successful in a G/T program? Flexible program options are recommended so that students’ needs are served appropriately through gifted and talented program services.

The third edition of Removing the Mask is a change agent for teachers and administrators of gifted and talented programs.

• Provides an overview of the resources children from poverty may or may not have, which impacts their behavior and performance in the classroom.
• Details a complete process for finding gifted students from poverty.
• Highlights strategies to retain students and foster success in gifted programs.
• Recommends effective behavioral interventions for gifted children.
• Shares program and curriculum models that address the cognitive, social, and emotional needs of gifted students from poverty.
• Targets K–12.

Emotional Poverty
How to Reduce Anger, Anxiety, and Violence in your Classroom

What is emotional poverty?
It is when the brain is unintegrated and unregulated, when the bonding and attachment is not secure, and the inner self is under-developed.

Why is this important?
Increasingly schools are dealing with more students who are angry, anxious and tending to violence (particularly at PK and K). This is taking significant time away from learning. The typical discipline strategies are only working with about half of the students because many of the behavior issues have very deep emotional roots. This workshop will provide strategies, understandings of the causes and sources, and vocabulary. In addition, the workshop will help educators identify early the most probable sources of violence so that interventions can begin much earlier. The "emotional dance" in the classroom will also be named and discussed.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

This is the workshop with which Ruby Payne started aha! Process... A Framework for Understanding Poverty—Our foundational workshop provides an understanding of the mindsets of different economic classes and a multitude of strategies for working with children from poverty, middle class, and wealth.

Research-Based Strategies—This workshop builds on the shared understanding and relationships of mutual respect learned in A Framework for Understanding Poverty and teaches the learning strategies that enable students to learn vital content while building their cognitive abilities.

Under-Resourced Learners: 8 Strategies to Boost Student Achievement— By identifying the emotional, mental, physical, language, and other resources your students have and need, this workshop helps you design specific interventions, best practices, and methods to help embed success strategies into curricula and into the minds and lives of your students.

Ruby Payne PhD
Featured Books

Emotional Povertyby Ruby Payne PhD

Emotional Poverty

by Ruby Payne PhD
Researched Based Strategiesby Ruby Payne PhD

Researched Based Strategies

by Ruby Payne PhD
Remove The Maskby Ruby Payne PhD

Remove The Mask

by Ruby Payne PhD

Ruby Payne PhD
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