Precious Williams | The #KillerPitchMaster | Rainmaker I 13x National Pitch Champion / 5x Bestselling Author I Serial Entrepreneur / Corporate Sales Trainer

Precious Williams

The #KillerPitchMaster | Rainmaker I 13x National Pitch Champion / 5x Bestselling Author I Serial Entrepreneur / Corporate Sales Trainer

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Precious Williams

Want to learn how to take your sales, investor, or elevator pitches from trash to straight CASH? Or have your prospects throwing money at you every time you open your mouth? Then, it's time to learn how to convert conversations into currency with the Pitch Queen, Precious L. Williams. Her company, Perfect Pitch Group, teaches you the tools and tenacity to pitch with power, sell with storytelling, and develop a masterful mindset for communication. It’s time for you to learn how to #SlayAllCompetition

Precious busts norms and shifts perspectives to help teams own their awesome and bring out their “wow” factor. Your leaders and teams will up their game — on their terms — in order to develop the cunning, clarity and confidence that’s been inside them all along.

What’s more, they’ll get unstuck and discover a renewed and refreshed energy to own the mindset of the pitch in a way they never thought possible. If you’re ready to go from milquetoast to memorable, attracting and captivating your prospects while closing the sale in an authentic way, it’s time to #pitchforprofit

And you can bet, you’re going to have fun doing it!

Precious L. Williams is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion. Besides helping women entrepreneurs and business leaders, she is also a TOP corporate sales trainer, helping sales teams to create killer communication skills, craft messaging and understand how to pitch and build sales programs. Precious is a world-class speaker/trainer for global brands including BMW, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, SiriusXM, HubSpot, Conde Nast, Harvard University, Columbia University, Spelman College, Morehouse College, George Washington University, Intuit Quickbooks, Yelp, and more. As an international professional speaker, she is also hired to Keynote global conferences, summits, and events.

Precious Williams
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Current: Seeing the GOLD Behind the Hype of the Glitter

Time 14:01

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Seeing the GOLD Behind the Hype of the Glitter
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The Killer Pitch
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Precious Bringing the Fire and Energy to Her Speaking Engagements
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Precious Williams
Featured Keynote Programs

Pitching for Profit
Converting Conversations into Currency

Ready to learn how to pitch your ideas for profit! Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a startup founder, or simply interested in improving your pitching skills, this message is for you.  At Pitching for Profit, we believe that a great pitch can make all the difference in the success of your business. Precious L. Williams, The #KillerPitchmaster, will share valuable insights and tips on how to craft a compelling pitch that grabs attention and secures sales and investments.

1. The Truth About Getting Them to Say YES!
2 . Getting Pitch Ready
3. Overcoming Objections (that always come up)
4. Making Sure You are Unique
5. Becoming the Only Choice that Matters

Rainmaking 101
From Day 1

In the corporate realm and today’s competitive landscape, underperforming sales teams can be detrimental to a company’s revenue growth and success.

Lack of effective leadership and training can lead to missed opportunities and stagnation. Precious’s training equips your client-interfacing employees with the skills to confidently close deals and secure revenue.

Fortune 500 companies require tailored strategies to drive sales and revenue. Precious Williams offers a distinct perspective that aligns with the needs of these corporate giants. With a career spanning 29 years as an international professional speaker and corporate trainer, Precious Williams has orchestrated countless success stories. Her methods have empowered clients to secure millions in pitch competition winnings, secure lucrative speaking engagements, and have helped countless Fortune 500 companies outperform their competition.

Pitching and Branding Secrets

RockStar Confidence is the art of pitching and selling yourself, your business and all that you do all the time. #RockStarConfidence is about attracting your target market to you with the right bait and closing the sale. #RockStarConfidence teaches audiences, speakers, coaches, consultants, and sales professionals how to build their sales skills.

Pitch Please
Creating a Pitch that Pays and Slays

Another month and you still have not met your sales goals? You have tried everything, read every book, and still you find yourself and your team at a crossroads. Trust us, we've been there, done that! Join the #KillerPitchMaster, Precious L. Williams, to learn her Top Secrets for attaining and maintaining explosive sales growth, month after month—No fluff, no bull, just RESULTS! Pitch Please helps solve the twin problems of how to get the right prospects interested in and ready to buy your products and services RIGHT NOW!

What is a sales pitch and why is it Important?
Where does the money really reside?
Breaking down the basic vs. killer sales pitch
Gaining your prospects time and trust
Gathering necessary information
Closing with ease and a specific call to action
Different types of approaches

Precious Williams
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Precious Williams

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