Peter Katz | JUNO-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Keynote Speaker, and Facilitator

Peter Katz

JUNO-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Keynote Speaker, and Facilitator

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Peter Katz

Peter Katz, a Juno Award- and Canadian Screen Award-nominated singer-songwriter, has been hailed as "a thunderbolt for the soul" by many of his fans and speaking clients. Fluently bilingual in English and French, he is a master at creating experiential environments that inspire connection and foster a shared vision where one may have not existed before. His “conversational choreographies” are designed with the purpose of encouraging employees to harness a renewed energy to the importance of their work that ties more deeply to their own values. He frames much of his keynotes around his devotion to service, using it as a springboard to convey an underlying message that trusting in process will lead to amazing outcomes.

Katz has cultivated a unique perspective on what it means to be truly connected to your work and clients over his 15-year career touring and speaking globally. He has crafted stories and strategies that are rising above the noise and truly helping leaders and employees at every level create new opportunities for connection and elevation.

A four-time TEDx fellow, Katz has delivered highly customized “keynote concerts” to numerous companies and organizations across various industries, including Bell, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, Royal Lepage, American Express, Sick Kids Hospital, Sun Life, Mars, Trillium Health, and Royal Bank. His in-person events have been praised as “transformational,” and he is recognized as a pioneer in creating highly engaging virtual experiences. Katz has performed for over 150,000 people virtually from his state-of-the-art broadcast studio, including being invited to address the House of Commons of Canada.

As an acclaimed musician, Katz is beloved in his home country of Canada and has inspired many with his songs. CBC radio host Tom Power has praised his music as "one of the most heartfelt, beautiful, and vulnerable records of the year, an astonishing record." Katz’s music has been streamed nearly 10 million times, and his music videos have over 25 million views on YouTube, with his cover of Beyonce’s “Halo” garnering over 20 million views alone. His music is regularly featured in films and on television, including CBC Television's 2016 Rio Olympics/Paralympics coverage.

Peter Katz
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Peter Katz
Featured Keynote Programs

Showing Up Wholeheartedly

How do you find the strength and courage to show up wholeheartedly when life is constantly presenting you with new challenges? How do you stay connected to the bigger picture so you can create the positive impacts you wish to make?

Part concert, part keynote — Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Peter Katz draws on his experience of surviving and thriving in the music industry to motivate attendees to stay on their path wholeheartedly, while also being open to change and embracing the unexpected along the way. Through his powerful songs and stories, Katz pulls attendees in and leaves them inspired to show up with purpose every day.

Audiences will learn:

• How to gain a new sense of empowerment and an overall improvement in well-being and team morale.

• To feel more connected to the bigger picture of what they’re actually contributing towards, beyond day-to-day challenges.

• To renew their sense of purpose and inspire a vision that anything is possible.

• To understand the strategies needed to build social capital that will change the trajectory of their company culture.

• Research-based and immediately actionable self-regulation techniques to support mental well-being and intrinsic motivation so that they can continue to show up wholeheartedly.

We Become What We Celebrate

Splintered workforces, remote working environments, and marketplace disruptions are making it harder than ever for workplaces to follow through on their mission, values, and goals. Building and transforming cultures needs to evolve through a series of processes and activities that will inspire employees to sustainable action. Fortunately, one of the most impactful solutions is also the most joy-filled — if we want to be aligned with our highest values, we need to celebrate them.

In his newest keynote concert, Peter Katz shows audiences how to harness the remarkable power of celebration. Far from superficial pleasure, Katz’s version of celebration is a co-created experience that can revolutionize individuals and teams before, during, and after their most pivotal moments. It is based on the goal of helping people realize that they are not alone and that rather than constantly focusing on the negative, there is a human necessity to band together and relish in the potential moments of success that lie ahead.

As a Juno Award-nominated and internationally recognized singer-songwriter, keynote speaker, and facilitator, Katz understands how to create the right container to identify and amplify our brightest milestones and propel ourselves toward our biggest wins yet.

Audiences will learn:

• How to co-author an elevated and growth-oriented company culture.

• How to uncover the hidden victories within their organization.

• Practical steps to create the right “container” for celebration to thrive, supercharging an organization’s goals, mission, vision, and values.

• Evergreen exercises for developing a deep sense of belonging and connection within teams (a critical ingredient for impactful celebration).

• How to increase individual and collective resilience and give work a greater sense of purpose.

Peter Katz
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Peter Katz

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