Nick J. Tate | Deputy Health Editor at NewsMax Media, Inc. & Author of The ObamaCare Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare.

Nick J. Tate

Deputy Health Editor at NewsMax Media, Inc. & Author of The ObamaCare Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare.

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Nick J. Tate

Nick J. Tate is an award-winning multimedia journalist, editor and best-selling author who has written extensively about health, business, technology, finance, music and consumer affairs issues. He is a Senior Managing Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he produces newsletters, blogs, articles and videos about the latest trends in biotechnology and health care, and how to profit by investing in those trends. He is the former Health Editor at Newsmax Media Inc. in South Florida, Business-Money Editor at the South Florida Sun Sentinel and Science-Medicine Editor at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His work has appeared in Newsmax magazine, The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boston Herald, Health Radar Newsletter and other print and online publications.

His book -- the "ObamaCare Survival Guide," published in October 2012 -- ranked among the top 10 books in the country (reaching #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list for paperback advice books, No. 4 on Barnes & Noble's Top 100, and No. 3 on His first book, "The Sick Building Syndrome," was published by New Horizon Press - the result of a year-long journalism fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health. He also co-authored the "DaVinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive in Your Retirement," an indispensable guide to securing health and wealth in retirement. His latest book, "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," is a science-based directory of the leading-edge treatments for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other conditions -- including the latest therapies involving genetics, stem cells, immunotherapy, supplements, clinical nutrition, exercise science and mind-body medicine.

He is an experienced educator and conference speaker. He has given keynote speeches and led training seminars for a variety of business, health industry, tech and consumer organizations around the world. His background includes teaching health/science journalism as an adjunct professor at Emory University in Atlanta and health communications in a variety of training seminars for college students, scientists, doctors, business executives and public relations specialists.

Key discussion topics:
The 10 medical-tech trends that are reshaping the nation's health care system (and how to profit from them)
Health care reform 2.0: With Obamacare on the ropes, what's next for health care reform and what does it mean for consumers, businesses and families.
7 ways to wreck your retirement (and how to avoid them)
Natural medicine: What works, what doesn't and why the industry is the fastest-growing segment in health care.

Nick J. Tate
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Current: DaVinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide

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Nick Tate: The ObamaCare Survival Guide
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Nick J. Tate
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Obamacare is History
What Now?

The 2016 presidential election is a game-changer for U.S. healthcare reform.

* Donald Trump has promised to back GOP plans to repeal/replace Obamacare with a new healthcare system. Here's what it’s likely to include.
* How ACA repeal/replace/reform initiatives that have already emerged will shape the coming healthcare debate in 2017.
* What the fallout/impact will be on employers, consumers, healthcare providers as the nation transitions from Obamacare to "Trumpcare."
* A brief report card on Obamacare to date -- what's working and might be kept; what isn't and will be jettisoned or replaced.
* Planning for healthcare in an era of uncertainty, and where we go from here.

ObamaCare Survival Guide

This speech is an overview of how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will lead to major changes in the way consumers, small businesses and large firms plan, choose and pay for healthcare and insurance.

Costs and Benefits: A brief accounting of who will gain new benefits and consumer protections under Obamacare, what they will cost and who will foot the bill for implementing them.

Impacts on Consumers, Small Businesses, Corporate America: A closer look at the “Individual Mandate,” Affordable Healthcare Exchanges, tax benefits for small businesses that offer health benefits and new penalties on companies with 50 or more employees that don’t cover workers’ insurance costs.

Pushing Prevention to Fix Problems in Healthcare: An analysis of how Obamacare promotes prevention programs and new primary-care models to cut costs, boost quality, and address the deeper problems in the U.S. healthcare system — including barriers to access, soaring insurance premiums, and wasteful medical practices.

Where We Go From Here: A few closing thoughts on what lies ahead and the challenges of planning for an uncertain future, followed by Q&A.

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Nick J. Tate

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