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Mike Rayburn CPAE

Hall of Fame Speaker, Keynote Artist and Innovative Entrepreneur

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Mike Rayburn CPAE

When organizations need innovation, change and peak performance, where do they go? Usually it’s to business leaders, authors, or famous sports figures. Rarely do they go to artists! Yet for artists, innovation, peak performance and change are their life blood. Being a mega-successful artist, as well as an innovative entrepreneur, Mike Rayburn is uniquely qualified to teach artistic principles in a business context, to give businesses and teams the edge they need to innovate and perform like virtuosos…and thus transform their success and significance.

Mike Rayburn is a TEDx Presenter who teaches innovation, change and peak performance using world-class guitar and humor to create a transformational experience and generate exponential results. He has headlined Carnegie Hall, Las Vegas, and performed more than 5,000 presentations in 20 countries on five continents. Rayburn is a music/internet pioneering entrepreneur, feature artist on Sirius/XM and Artist In Residence at High Point University. His more than 1000 corporate clients include most of the Fortune 100, 500, and the top five, including multiple presentations for Walmart, Exxon, Wells Fargo, Lincoln Financial, UnitedHealth, IBM, Siemens, Verizon, Ford, Nationwide, MetLife, PepsiCo, Chevron, Sony, Allianz, and Liberty Mutual.

Mike Rayburn CPAE
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Mike Rayburn CPAE
Featured Keynote Programs

Create Change Through The "What If" Mindset

Mike Rayburn's electrifying "What If" keynote inspires your leadership and business teams to rethink change and initiate more possibilities and innovation for your organization and customers. He delivers real-world tools and strategies to help your people create better solutions and generate more revenue for your business.

The “What If…?” Experience

  • Within 30 seconds your group will know that the impossible is possible.

  • Within two minutes they’ll be laughing and totally engaged.

  • By the end they’ll be on their feet, energized and equipped with solid business tools and wisdom.

Mike Rayburn’s “What IF? Keynote Experience” is about:

Innovation…finding and creating the opportunities, products and processes that others miss.

Change…moving from managing change to creating change.

High Performance…making those opportunities happen.

Your teams will leave with the tools to do just that. Oh, and they’ll laugh so hard it hurts! More than anything…“The What IF? Keynote Experience” is just that: An EXPERIENCE. As an opening or closing keynote, or mid-conference energizer, “What IF?” will make your event successful and unforgettable. There is no one who does what Mike Rayburn does.

Takeaways...your teams will:

  • Learn three powerful tools to access their unrealized potential

  • Create change, rather than manage change 

  • Discover the opportunities they’re currently missing 

  • Set and achieve bold, empowering goals 

  • Embrace their uniqueness as their competitive edge

Become A Virtuoso - Elite Performance Mastery

In Mike’s keynote,“Become A Virtuoso,” your teams will receive the vision, mindset and daily practices that will make them world class, high performing teams…their personal best in both career and life. And the inspiration to act on it!

There is one decision that draws a line in the sand between those who become world class, top performing teams and individuals…and those who don’t. 

In “Become A Virtuoso” your teams will not only learn and make this decision, they will gain the vision, mindset and daily practices it takes to become world class performers. 

“Together, we will turn your teams into an army of motivated, high-performance business masters.” Rayburn

Takeaways…attendees will learn:

  • Execute the specific daily practices your teams need to be world class, their personal best
  • Learn what a “Virtuoso” is and why you want to dedicate your life to becoming one - click here for video
  • Focus on fundamentals, the relentless practice of the highest achievers
  • Succeed Anyway, what world class performers do when confronted with the inevitable obstacles 
  • See how obstacles are integral, necessary for goal achievement 
  • Apply “deliberate practice” in leadership, business, sales, and life

In “Become A Virtuoso” and “What IF” Mike Rayburn will go beyond six or even 12 strings. Recognized as a world class guitarist, Rayburn will debut his rare, 20-string “Harp Guitar.”

Mike Rayburn will make your conference unforgettable!!!

Mike Rayburn CPAE
Featured Book

What If----? -Dare to Do More Be More and Reach Farther Than You Ever Thought Possibleby Mike Rayburn CPAE

What If----? -Dare to Do More Be More and Reach Farther Than You Ever Thought Possible

by Mike Rayburn CPAE

"You will learn 3 simple, powerful tools you can use immediately and forever to access your gold mine of unrealized potential. You'll learn strategies to take you and your organization beyond what you ever imagined." A Very difficult to find book.

Mike Rayburn CPAE
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Mike Rayburn CPAE
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