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Peabody Award-Winning Journalist, Speaker, and Author

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Mariana Atencio

Mariana Atencio is a Peabody award-winning journalist, a former anchor and reporter for NBC and Univision, who has appeared on the Today Show, The Talk and HBO.

Her best-selling book “Perfectly You” was selected by Audible and AppleBooks. And her TEDx talk on authenticity, titled "What makes YOU special?", has gone viral. To date, it has over 20 million views and has been translated into 13 languages. 

She’s quickly become one of the most sought-after keynote speakers, founding her own media company, GoLike, and sharing her message at Microsoft, JPMorgan and the United Nations, among others.

If you are into true crime, her latest project is a podcast about two women who go missing on a trail. It's called "Lost in Panama" and it was among Apple's top 10 podcasts week of release.

Mariana Atencio
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TEDx: Rethinking Storytelling To Help People Care
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Mariana Atencio
Featured Keynote Programs

How to Harness Resilience to Empower Your Team and Achieve Your Goals (VIRTUAL OPTION)

We have all been thrust into a transformation. Being nimble, adapting, reinventing ourselves have become crucial strategies to our survival. After studying resilience for over a decade as a journalist, Mariana developed a secret formula and turned it into premium sessions to teach how to overcome any challenge.

Using the Perfectly You Method, which she has already taken to Microsoft, Spotify, LinkedIn and even the United Nations, and the 5 W’s of investigative journalism, your attendees will learn practical tools and takeaways to reclaim their power, lessen the fear of uncertainty and become more productive & motivated.

Tool Box: 

The Perfectly You Method – Mariana asks attendees to write the top three pros and cons in any given situation they’re in, to recognize their strengths and shortcomings and prompts them to flip the cons into competitive advantages. This will be done using the “Perfectly You” cards. After this exercise, attendees will achieve more clarity on their individual value and potential. They will be encouraged to share it with others towards the end of the exercise. It is a very dynamic and fresh way to make attendees discover new things about themselves to apply in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Daily Rituals: from the power of prayer, to affirmations and power poses, Mariana will leave attendees with easy and effective tips to achieve a positive and permanent transformation.

The 5 W’s to understand life and overcome any obstacle. The most important questions in life require identifying the following factors:





As a journalist with a Master's degree from Columbia University’s Journalism School, Mariana has studied the 5 W’s of news and storytelling in-depth, to create a system that helps attendees to understand and control the specifics of any situation.

The Impostor Syndrome Test:
Eight questions to help determine whether you suffer from the impostor syndrome, and how to beat it – with flashcard PDF for client distribution to attendees.

The Control Formula: Mariana will teach your attendees to take control of their roles/lives with her tested CONTROL Formula.

Clarity. Acknowledgment of what/who gives you control…. What/who takes control from you (bad habits, people, social media accounts).

Outlook. What is your vision for yourself? What factors do you give importance to? Internal, external?

Network. Are you surrounding yourself with people who are negative or positive? Cancel your subscription to other people’s drama and negativity. Surround yourself with grateful, inspirational and proactive people.

Time. The most valuable resource we have. Use it wisely.

Ritual. Have a routine that allows you to be in control. We will talk about that more later on.

Order. Organize your closet, your ideas, prioritize: what do you want more than anything? What are you willing to sacrifice for that?

Love, love yourself, and the world. Be in tune with your body, your true feelings, and what happens around you. Be grateful for everything you have and everything that you’ve gone through. Good or bad. It made you who you are today and that’s the person that will move forward, not the one that you fantasize about, or post about for others to see, but the real you.

Master the Perfectly You Method
Tap into the power of being real and increase happiness.
Discover the secret to your most productive self and reclaiming control of your life.
Implement daily rituals to create positive permanent habits.
Practice the investigative tool known as the 5 W’s to face and overcome any challenge.
Authenticity as a way to increase performance.

Mariana develops and crafts every speech to create transformational experiences for each client. Some examples of past events/speeches:

Tailor made virtual experiences for a Microsoft (2-day event); Nasdaq employee motivational keynote and Airbnb Q&A.

10 city book tour implementing the Perfectly You Method around the world.

3-day Global forum for Citi Private Bank’s top tier clients - Audience: High-level executives, multinational CEOs, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

3 speech sessions for the LinkedIn annual conference 

- Audience: Audience of 5,000 attendees, LinkedIn Female executives, and diversity teams.

- Topic: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

If you are interested in customized keynotes or multi-date series on the topics of Resilience, Women’s empowerment, Diversity, Productivity, and Happiness.

The Power of Authenticity
Supercharge Your Career, Your Workplace Culture, and Your Happiness

It takes seven seconds for people to form an opinion about you. That’s why most of us are taught to fit in a box instead of embracing those parts of ourselves that stand out. As a budding national TV journalist, Mariana was often encouraged to leave parts of herself at the door. But ‘covering’ did not lead to real belonging, especially in the workplace. Embracing her uniqueness did – and Mariana’s passion is empowering others to discover how to do the same. When people feel safe to be themselves, that authenticity builds trust, fulfillment, and credibility at work and in life. They’re able to embrace a mindset of transformation to meet change more resiliently. And leaders find fostering authenticity on their team spurs engagement, collaboration, innovation, and community.

This presentation can be tailored to each specific audience.

Sample takeaways:
• Why most of us find it so hard to be authentic, especially at work
• Discover the traits that make you “Perfectly You” and harness them
• One way to increase your personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose
• How being vulnerable inspires others, builds trust, and creates meaningful relationships
• Mariana’s 3-UP METHOD to inspire a workplace culture of innovation and openness
• Easy steps to cultivate transformation, impact outcomes, and enhance resilience in the face of change.


With experience as a national network news anchor and reporter, Mariana brings warmth and intelligence to each hosting, moderating, and interviewing assignment. Mariana’s curiosity and poise help her get the most out of those on stage with her.

The breadth of Mariana’s experience speaks to her versatility. She’s moderated conversations on embracing a mindset for change at Microsoft, on the rights of women in Iran, on gender inequality at Foreign Policy magazine’s HERPower summit, on media representation at the Paley Center for Media, on financial literacy at Nasdaq, on building a personal and professional brand at Columbia University, a panel on geopolitics and economics at Citi Private Bank’s autumn dialogues with three heads of state from Latin America, a session at the United Nations General Assembly meeting on global healthcare inequity, plus the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, PepsiCo, JP Morgan, Accenture, Spotify, Google, YouTube, Clorox, AT&T, Spectrum, and more.

Mariana Atencio
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