Lisa Guillermin Gable | Award-Winning CEO, Presidential Appointee, former US Ambassador and UN Delegate

Lisa Guillermin Gable

Award-Winning CEO, Presidential Appointee, former US Ambassador and UN Delegate

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Lisa Guillermin Gable

A keynote speaker and writer on partnership, mentorship, diversity, and relationship building, Lisa Gable’s mission is to support the next generation of leaders and organizations that are solving the world’s biggest problems. She is a five-time award-winning Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author and recognized as an innovative global businesswoman who leads with discipline and diplomacy. In addition to her multiple corporate roles, including CEO, Lisa has served US Presidents and Governors, as well as a US Ambassador and UN Delegate.

Over the course of her career, Lisa has been called to turnaround failing organizations—businesses, teams, nonprofits, political campaigns, and government projects—to solve seemingly intractable problems. She has learned that the key to course-correcting when things go South is applying process engineering—strategically evaluating everything your organization does and how it does it—with authority and humanity.

Her work has carried her to dozens of conferences and events where she has met with global leaders, spent time with some of the world’s largest manufacturers and their employees and executives, 52 US military installations interviewing over 1,000 military personnel, engaged with local Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Girl Scouts of the USA to better understand the needs of America’s youth, and met with representatives of over 200 nations through her service as a democracy advocate. 

Lisa Guillermin Gable
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Speaking Reel
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Small Steps You Can Take To Change the World
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Making What Matters to You Matter to Others
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Using Your Expertise to Give Back with Purpose and Joy
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Lisa Guillermin Gable
Featured Keynote Programs

Unleashing Innovation

Sometimes when we are facing our greatest challenges, we discover amazing technologies or solutions, which not only guide us through the turmoil, but also become standard personal management tools. Using recent examples, Lisa brings to life how-to discover new ways of working, solving problems and engaging with others.

How to Change Course When Things are Going South

Whether you are a CEO, the head of a major division or program, the manager of a team, or the lead on a project tasked with heading its turnaround, this may be your moment to assume the mantle of leadership and be a driver of positive change. Lisa teaches us how to stop looking over our shoulders for someone else to save the day. You may just be it.

Your Mission Matters

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, government agency, small nonprofit, or anywhere in between, your mission drives your message, your meaning, and your money. Lisa, who has served U.S. Presidents and Governors, international coalitions, Silicon Valley giants, and leading nonprofits shares insights on what we can learn from each other in the quest for relevance, innovation, and long-term success.

Making What Matters to You Matter to Others

Sometimes success rides on making what matters to you matter to others. Lisa brings to life how influence involves building relevance, surrounding yourself with wicked smart people, and using research and data as your secret weapon to opening opportunities for revenue, visibility, and partnerships.

Lisa Guillermin Gable
Featured Book

Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South by Lisa Guillermin Gable

Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South

by Lisa Guillermin Gable

Lisa Guillermin Gable
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Lisa Guillermin Gable
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