Charles Euchner | Creator of "The Writing Code" and Expert in Historical Civil Rights

Charles Euchner

Creator of "The Writing Code" and Expert in Historical Civil Rights

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Charles Euchner

Charles Euchner, author of Nobody Turn Me Around: A People's History of the 1963 March on Washington (Beacon Press) and other renowned books on politics, sports, and writing, provides provocative and inspiring keynotes and talks to audiences across the country on "the revolutions shaping our lives for the last and next 50 years." Euchner presents vivid stories and analysis of civil rights, writing and education, and sports. His lively style engages audiences, with surprising perspectives on life in 21st-century America. Euchner has also authored a book called "The Writing Code". Building on his experience in colleges and universities -- at institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Holy Cross, and Northeastern -- Euchner offers a sure-fire system to improve writing for high school and college students, journalists and academics, and corporate and nonprofit professionals.The Writing Code taps into people's existing skills to teach first storytelling, then technique, and finally analysis. By using storytelling as the template, The Writing Code makes technical and abstract aspects of writing easier. The Writing Code provides a complete inventory of skills needed to become a proficient writer, with simple explanations and exercises to master each.Throughout his career, Euchner has explored the Civil Rights Revolution, which transformed America and the world in the last-half century. His latest book provides an intimate portrait of the movement at its peak. In his talks, Euchner explores the lessons of the movement's "everyday heroism" for our current world. He also shows how movement organizers and activists created models for us to improve our lives in all fields--and the debt that whites owe to the movement.Euchner also offers exciting talks and workshops about what he calls The Writing Revolution. Never before in human history, Euchner points out, have so many people written for audiences. Until the last decade, opportunities to write for an audience were restricted to a small elite, in journalism, publishing, and education. Today, anyone can find an audience with blogs, ebooks, social media, and more. That--and the growing demand for writers in business and government--puts writing at a premium. People who can write well will prosper; others will struggle unless they possess elite skills in other fields. Euchner is the creator of The Writing Code, the only brain-based system for mastering writing. Euchner has led an eclectic career. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he was a staff writer for Education Week, covering technology, teachers, and politics. A Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, he has taught political science at Holy Cross, Penn, St. Mary's, and Northeastern. He served as the coordinator of Boston's grassroots comprehensive planning process. He was the founding executive director of Harvard University's Rappaport Institute, which left in 2004 to focus on writing. Since then he has published books on baseball, diplomacy, civil rights, and writing. He has also taught writing at Yale, in addition to developing the powerful Writing Code system

Charles Euchner
Featured Keynote Programs

The Heroism of the Civil Rights Movement
Lessons for Today

In this presentation, Charles Euchner offers dramatic portraits of the movements obscure as well as famous heroes -- and their lessons for the challenges of our time.

The Writing Revolution
How the Writing Revolution Can Transform Business, Education and Community LIfe.

In this provocative talk, Charles Euchner explores how changing how we think about writing could transform education, media, business and government—and how we relate to each other in an open society.

Thank You, Dr. King
How the Civil Rights Movement Redeemed White America

Charles Euchner—who was born in a segregated hospital in Chattanooga—offers an intimate look at how the movement emancipated the whole American community

The Management Secrets of Martin Luther King

Charles Euchner explains how King managed America’s great movement for freedom by the Five P’s—Purpose, People, Persuasion, Planning, and Power. Whatever the profession or cause, audiences will learn compelling strategies not just for leadership but also for managing all kinds of enterprises.

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Charles Euchner

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