Andy Dean |  Nationally Syndicated Radio Host of “America Now with Andy Dean” & Former President of Donald Trump Productions

Andy Dean

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host of “America Now with Andy Dean” & Former President of Donald Trump Productions

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Andy Dean

Andy Dean is a CNN Political Commentator and Former President of Donald Trump's Television Company (Trump Productions LLC).

During his Senior Year at Harvard University, Dean was selected to be on NBC's "The Apprentice." Over 20 Million people watched "The Apprentice" finale, and after being fired on TV at the end of the season, Donald Trump re-hired Dean to work for him personally right after the show ended.

Dean worked directly for Donald Trump for 7 years, and as the President of Donald Trump's TV Production Company, Dean and Trump co-created several hit TV shows together.

Dean can be seen regularly on CNN's 'Anderson Cooper 360' and CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. Dean was the first person on CNN to endorse Donald Trump on-air in June 2015 - right after the announcement of Trump's campaign for the Presidency. Dean traveled to every Primary and General Election Debate, and he would meet with Trump before and after every debate. Dean is a former United States National Debate Champion in Commentary Speaking.

Dean most recently hosted a nationally syndicated radio program for Premiere Radio Networks, entitled 'America Now with Andy Dean' that has a weekly radio audience of over 1.5 Million listeners. Dean's radio show was ranked in the top 10 in the United States, and it aired in over 130 cities. Dean was part of the 'Big 4' Premiere Radio syndication block with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

He has been a guest on NBC's Today Show, CNBC's Power Lunch, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, and he can be seen regularly on CNN.

Andy Dean
Featured Keynote Programs

It’s Not What You Know – It's Your Ability To Market What You Know

MarketingDonald Trump has made the “Trump” brand into a household name by constantly reminding people of his successes and achievements. The ability to keep other people informed of your individual progress is an important component for success. Learn what marketing techniques Andy used to get on the show at such a young age.

Leadership Requires A Willingness To Be Unpopular

LeadershipA leader has to take a stand. The willingness to be unpopular is a true demonstration of leadership ability. Any person can preach to a choir, but convincing a choir to stop singing is another ball game. During “The Apprentice” experience, Andy learned that the only project managers who survived the boardroom took full accountability and responsibility for their actions. Great leaders fix problems, not blame.

There is No Substitute for Passion

MotivationThe ability to inspire and motivate others is all about passion. If you do not love what you do, then it is impossible to convince others to follow in your path. By working side-by-side with Mark Burnett (Producer of “The Apprentice”) and real estate billionaire Donald Trump, Andy has firsthand knowledge of how two of the country’s most successful businessmen inspire and motivate others with their unbridled passion for success. Working next to Donald Trump everyday, find out why Andy believes that there is no substitute for passion in the workplace.

Knowing When To Talk and When To Listen

CommunicationAs a former U.S. National Debate Champion, Andy discusses the importance of keeping speech and debate simple. Subtle facial expressions and focused listening are often more valuable in winning an argument than non-stop talking.

Andy Dean
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Andy Dean
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Andy Dean

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