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Author, MBA, 4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Broadcaster and Mother of Two
When the "face" of your sport is a Wilhelmina model, you know you're off to a good start. Lisa Leslie is undoubtedly the most recognized player of...
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Award-Winning Author & Co-Founder of Age Wave
Latest Review
Thank you for sharing your incredible insights with us at Gold Forum. Your work is compelling!”
14 Reviews · 6 Videos
Insights Informed by Science, Shaped by Experience, Delivered with Heart
Latest Review
Dr. Bradt is an excellent presenter and his metaphor of the ring in the rubble opened my eyes to situations, present and past. I have used it ...
17 Reviews · 6 Videos
North Carolina  
Founders of Mixtroz and Award Winning Entrepreneurs
Latest Review
Dear Ms.Ammons, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me after your presentation about some of the basics of starting your own ...
13 Reviews · 6 Videos
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Bestselling Author and Business Visionary
Latest Review
John did a great job of challenging our current thinking, forcing us to look at our own culture and the role each of us plays in making the ...
15 Reviews · 4 Videos
Huffington Post Contributor and Best Selling Author of "The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents"
Latest Review
Joanna Hyatt is the most talented speaker who I have seen on our campus. Through feisty humor and real life experience, Joanna is able to help ...
6 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Technology CEO, Award-winning CNN Contributor & Authority on Achieving Breakthrough Performance so People Listen, Care and Take Action.
Latest Review
It was so great meeting you and getting to work with you on our Corporate Leadership Group Summit. Your high energy presentation really brought ...
7 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Founder & President of Act Three, Author, and Inspirational Keynote Speaker
Latest Review
Julie, I'm so pleased I was able to partner w/ you . . . The feedback from the women I invited was amazing. They felt energized & empowered & I ...
5 Reviews
Team of Elite Fighter Pilots, Experts on Flawless Execution.
Latest Review
Even four months later, people are still talking about Afterburner seminars. Your portion of the meeting really had a big impact on our managers. ...
17 Reviews · 4 Videos
Contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Featured on US Weekly, and Coach
Latest Review
Sonya Jones was the perfect choice for our "Ladies Night Out." She is dynamic & was able to immediately connect / our audience w/ her warm ...
2 Reviews
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Staying Safe in a #MeToo World; Stop Domestic Violence Before It Starts
Latest Review
Beatty Cohan brings incredible passion and insight to her work. We can all benefit from her understanding of human relationships and how to ...
8 Reviews · 6 Videos
New York  
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Nicole Roundy is a World Class Snowboarder, Cancer Survivor, Inspiration Seeker, and Advocate.
Latest Review
Nicole, YOUR ARE SIMPLY AMAZING! I was touched by your story and the courage in which you've gone on to influence others. Truly inspiring.
2 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Host of TV's "Huckabee", NYT's Bestselling Author and Leading Commentator
Latest Review
No matter what your political views, Governor Huckabee is a great role model and advocate for health!
6 Reviews · 5 Videos
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Award-Winning CEO, Presidential Appointee, former US Ambassador and UN Delegate
Latest Review
Lisa inspired our alumni and gave them the confidence to make outside-the-box moves to reach their purpose and potential. Her approach was ...
8 Reviews · 9 Videos
District of Columbia  
How To Sell and Market To People Not Like You. Top 10 most booked speakers for Corporate and Association events
Latest Review
She was great! She had tremendous energy. She worked within our timeframe but made sure she gave us ALL WE WANTED! I thought her presentation was ...
5 Reviews · 3 Videos
I help organizations take ownership of their happiness and wellbeing so they can create the mindset shifts to change their lives.
Latest Review
I heard Kim give a Keynote to a group of educators (adult education) on happiness. She is knowledgeable, high energy and engaging in her ...
23 Reviews · 8 Videos
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Futurist, Best-Selling Author, Psychologist, Gerontologist, Entrepreneur
Latest Review
The global population is turning gray--and no one understands the economic, social, and personal impact of this better than Ken Dychtwald
15 Reviews · 2 Videos
#1 National Bestselling Author & Speaker Expected to Die. Now Teaching Others How to Truly Live.
Latest Review
John absolutely set the tone for the our conference. It was all positive and upbeat. In my opinion, it was the best conference we have had in ...
14 Reviews · 4 Videos
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