Lara Trump | Television Producer; Campaign Advisor to President Trump

Lara Trump

Television Producer; Campaign Advisor to President Trump

Lara Trump

Lara Trump is a prominent figure in American politics, a television personality, and a dedicated advocate for her family and conservative values. Lara gained widespread recognition as the host of "The Right View," a web series she launched in 2020. The show, which features a panel
of conservative women discussing political and cultural topics, has garnered a large following and allows Lara to engage with a diverse audience.

Before her venture into the media, Lara Trump made her mark as a producer and story coordinator for the CBS television show "Inside Edition." Her experience in the field of media honed her skills as a communicator and provided a strong foundation for her subsequent endeavors, including working as a contributor at Fox News.

Lara played a crucial role in the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, where she actively campaigned for her father-in-law and served as a surrogate on various media outlets. As a native of North Carolina, Lara played a critical role in the campaign efforts throughout the state, resulting in a decisive victory for Donald Trump.

Her impact continued in the 2020 presidential election, where she served as a senior advisor to the Trump campaign. Lara Trump's strategic insights, eloquence, and ability to connect with the American people made her an invaluable asset to the campaign.

Beyond politics, Lara is an advocate for healthy living and fitness. She leads an active lifestyle and emphasizes the importance of physical well-being. Her dedication to fitness is reflected in her regular participation triathlons and CrossFit, inspiring others to prioritize their health and wellness.

In addition to her political and fitness pursuits, Lara Trump is also very passionate about animal rescue and adoption. She regularly donates her time and prominent position to help raise money and awareness for shelter animals.

As an influential figure in American politics, Lara Trump continues to make her mark, advocating for conservative values and championing causes close to her heart. With her charisma, intelligence, and dedication, Lara Trump has emerged as a respected voice within the Republican Party and a role model for many.

Lara lives in Florida with her husband Eric, their two children, Luke and Carolina, and their dogs, Charlie, Ben and Tiger.

Lara Trump
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Lara Trump

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