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The Hero Effect: Making a Difference When It Matters the Most!
Latest Review
WOW!!! I had tears in my eyes, I laughed a lot but most importantly I'm ready to GOOOOOOO!!!! I'm fired up and would listen all day. I felt like ...
29 Reviews · 3 Videos
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Business Growth Strategist, Entrepreneur, VC Strategic Partner WSJ Bestselling Author of Eleven Books
Latest Review
David was the keynote speaker at our HPE Storage Marketing All-Hands team meeting and he KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! For an established business ...
10 Reviews · 7 Videos
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Award Winning Host, Storyteller and Viral Content Creator
Latest Review
An inspiring speaker skilled at reaching global audiences, making connections with people, and artfully guiding them through self-awareness ...
4 Reviews · 4 Videos
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Member of MTV's Hit Show, The Buried Life
Latest Review
Ben's virtual keynote not only captivated the attention of our audience but evoked intense emotional responses that left everyone feeling ...
12 Reviews · 3 Videos
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