Dr Seamus Phan GCSP

Dr Seamus Phan GCSP Dr Seamus Phan GCSP

Dr Seamus Phan GCSP Speech Topics

Zen of business leadership
Short course to teach you how to become a powerfully INSPIRING business leader. Suited for CEOs, top managers, middle managers, and aspiring managers, who want to move beyond assigning tasks and mere motivation. Can be customized. Based on Seamus' own experience as a business leader and thinker....
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Zen-based entrepreneurship
Short course to teach you how to move from employee to entrepreneur of a dynamic and nimble service and knowledge business. In the world of pyramid scams and non-performing franchises, knowledge businesses are easier to set up if done right, and can ream long-term benefits to be financially...
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Fight fat and stress live!
Like to reduce employee stress, and give them tips to get healthier (and thereby more productive)? The talks and programs are based on the bestselling "This Body This Life" book co-authored by Seamus Phan. Seamus also co-hosts holistic health and corporate wellness national radio programs....
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Building media relations
Full-day program to teach you how best to build trust, public relations and media coverage for your organization and yourself. Learn from the insider the tips, secrets, pitfalls, and successes!
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Media training primer
Short program to teach you the basics of how best to be a media-savvy executive. If you are a spokesperson, and you need to handle tough questions in front of a media interview (TV, radio and print), this course is for you. Go "live" on TV with greater polish and confidence.
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Jumpstart your public relations with the Internet
Short course to teach you how to evaluate your brand equity and reputation, as well as your PR effectiveness. Learn how to tap the powers of the Internet to brand and develop PR. Insider's tips on how to build a compelling media-friendly newsroom using the latest RSS and blog technologies.
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Top information security mistakes and challenges
Short course to teach you how best to avoid common information security (infosec) mistakes, and how to meet the top challenges in setting up an Internet and network infrastructure that is secure and efficient.
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