Interview with Scott Rasmussen

Premiere agent, Shawn Hanks, sat down with Scott Rasmussen for an exclusive interview. Scott Rasmussen is the founder and President of Rasmussen Reports, one of the nation’s premier sources for public opinion information. He has been an independent public opinion pollster since 1994 and is a frequent guest on Fox News, CNBC, the BBC, and other major media outlets.

Mr. Rasmussen and his firm have developed a reputation for delivering reliable, newsworthy, and actionable public opinion data. Just as important, Scott has the ability to translate the numbers into meaningful analysis and commentary in a manner that both informs and entertains. Michael Barone calls Scott “one of America’s most innovative pollsters.” 

While Rasmussen is most noted for his political polling, his company also provides extensive coverage of business, economic, and lifestyle issues. This enables Scott to speak with authority on current events, underlying trends, and the questions that Americans are curious about.

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