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Scott Steinberg
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FUN AT WORK: How to Boost Creativity, Unleash Innovation, and Reinvent the Future of Work Using the Transformative Power of Playby Scott Steinberg

FUN AT WORK: How to Boost Creativity, Unleash Innovation, and Reinvent the Future of Work Using the Transformative Power of Play

by Scott Steinberg

THE FUTURE OF WORK IS IN YOUR HANDS Want to inspire and motivate your employees to greatness, create an award-winning corporate culture, and build tomorrow’s workplace today? From attracting and retaining top talent to unleashing your ability to adapt, grow, and stay one step ahead of industry change, FUN AT WORK™ reveals how tomorrow’s business leaders can consistently create a roadmap to ongoing success by leveraging the transformative power of play. A crash course in cutting-edge business leadership and management methods, it demonstrates how to design the workplace of the future − and leverage new corporate and workforce strategies to turn your organization into a powerhouse of creativity, productivity, and innovation. Inside the pages of FUN AT WORK, you won’t just discover how to craft winning HR strategies and solutions, and create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspaces. You’ll also learn how to radically boost organizational output and performance − not to mention employee motivation and engagement. Offering a fresh and inspired take on leadership, it explains how to: • Lead, Inspire, and Motivate a Next-Generation Workforce • Unlock Creativity and Innovation in Your Business • Build an Award-Winning Workplace and Working Model • Recruit and Retain Tomorrow’s Leaders • Adapt to Ongoing Change and Disruption • Reimagine the Shape of Corporate Culture • Craft Winning HR Strategies and Solutions Brought to you by Professor of Play David Thomas, and Scott Steinberg, the world’s leading business strategist, FUN AT WORK reveals the core business principles and practices that you need to implement to deliver game-changing workforce strategies – and explains how to lead these initiatives.

Cybersecurity The Expert Guideby Scott Steinberg

Cybersecurity The Expert Guide

by Scott Steinberg
Fast Forwardby Scott Steinberg

Fast Forward

by Scott Steinberg
Becoming Essentialby Scott Steinberg

Becoming Essential

by Scott Steinberg
Lead With Your Heartby Scott Steinberg

Lead With Your Heart

by Scott Steinberg
Millennial Marketingby Scott Steinberg

Millennial Marketing

by Scott Steinberg
Leading With Innovationby Scott Steinberg

Leading With Innovation

by Scott Steinberg


Think quickly – the future is coming on fast! In this high-energy, high-impact session, you’ll learn to thrive in an age of constant disruption by applying the same strategies and skills that today’s top market leaders use to spot rising trends and opportunities before rivals can react. A crash course in how to innovate and future-proof any business – discover what it takes to successfully adapt, whatever tomorrow brings. From forward-thinking ways to redesign leadership and go-to-market strategies to cutting-edge insights on workplace trends and business solutions, world-renowned strategist Scott Steinberg reveals how you can stay one-step ahead of tomorrow’s marketplace – and one step ahead of the competition.


Unpredictability is the only thing we can predict and uncertainty the only certainty for businesses and working professionals going forward. Luckily, as today’s most successful leaders know, a few simple shifts in strategy and thinking are all it takes to stay one step ahead of the curve. Discover how small changes in approach and slight shifts in tactics can help you drive breakthrough results in this dynamic and engaging talk from Scott Steinberg, the world’s leading business strategist. Pairing real-world examples and case studies with practical insights, you’ll learn how to plan around uncertainty, future-proof your business, and build a strategic roadmap that can withstand any unexpected twist or turn that the market takes.


From virtual communications and remote workforces to digital transformation, online apps, and cloud-based operations, the shape of business – and how organizations connect with and engage customers – has fundamentally changed. At the same time, companies not only need to become much more agile and adaptable in order to help staffers maintain peak productivity and performance despite ongoing disruption and fast-changing market conditions… They also need to pivot to become much more flexible and forward-thinking in the way that they manage their affairs in order to keep up with rapidly-shifting industry trends – and attract and retain top talent. Here, leading futurist and change management consultant Scott Steinberg reveals what it takes to grow your business and find continuing success in a world of rising uncertainty, as well as best practices for surviving and thriving in this brave new working world.


COVID-19 or no, who says that finding ways to innovate and stay ahead of the curve has to be time-consuming, difficult, or expensive? Oftentimes, all it takes to overcome the most complex and challenging problems are just the simplest and most clever of solutions – and slight shifts in business strategy and perspective are all it takes to rebound from unexpected obstacles. Change your perspective, and you can change your fortunes overnight, as world-renowned business strategist Scott Steinberg reminds, while demonstrating how to quickly boost your creativity, increase your agility, and heighten your ability to bounce back. Wondering how you can do more with less? Here, you’ll discover the answers, including how – no matter what resources you’re working with – it always pays to be more resourceful.

Scott Steinberg
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