Sally Northway Ogden

Sally Northway Ogden

Award Winning Educator and Author of "Words Will NEVER Hurt Me."

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Denver, Colorado, United States
About Sally Northway Ogden

Sally Ogden is an energetic and charismatic teacher and speaker with 33 years of experience, having taught French, Spanish and Psychology in the public schools. She spent most of her tenure at Chatfield Senior High School in Jefferson County, Colorado and previously taught 13 years in middle school. She also directs workshops and conferences for teachers and parents throughout the United States. People who have heard her say that a day with her flies by with lots of laughs and great stories. They ...

Sally is the only presenter my staff has ever wanted to return, and their decision to invite her back was unanimous.

Mary Cornish - Principal, Aspen High School

Sally gets standing ovations at "required" teacher in-services!

District Staff Developer

I LOVED the keynote speaker! I could listen to her all day! Sally Ogden was so much fun to listen to, and I fell like I came away with lots of new things to try in my classroom immediately.

New Teacher Event - Connecticut Teacher In-Service
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