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Sally Hogshead, Advertising NSB, women in business, Strategy, management, Business Gurus, Business Executives Sally Hogshead, Advertising NSB, women in business, Strategy, management, Business Gurus, Business Executives
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Sally Hogshead

Fascination Expert! Author "How The World Sees You"

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About Sally Hogshead

Sally Hogshead is the creator of the Fascination Advantage , the first personality
assessment that measures how others perceive you. After researching over one million
people, her algorithm can pinpoint your most valuable differentiating traits. Unlike other
tests, like Myers-Briggs or StrengthsFinder, this test doesn't measure how you see the
world-but how the world sees you.
Her recent book, FASCINATE: How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist was a
New York Times bestseller. Her previous ...

Sally was tremendous. Her presentation was well received and I believe will help us make a difference in our efforts. Everyone, including those who came in with doubts, was very impressed. We hope that sales coaches and marketing program managers can continue to build on it and drive the message home with our team.

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

The Fascination Advantage is remarkably accurate, and has immediate applicability in terms of providing an actionable roadmap for team interactions! There are so many personality assessments out there, and this is the first and only one to give a clear road map of how others see you, to instantly know your blind spots, and work more effectively with others. I used this as an icebreaker at a recent all-hands meeting, and the energy was immediately moving around the room as everyone interacted on a whole new level.

Cisco, Inc.

Sally is an energetic speaker and educator, with a powerful angle on what motivates people to take action. Her style is engaging, entertaining, and sure to make any audience fill a notebook with ideas when she's done.

Human Business Works

I had well over 100 people come up to me and thanked me for bringing in Sally as the opening keynote for Content Marketing World. She set the bar high indeed. She is a true inspiration to me, as well as my team.

Content Marketing World

Outstanding . . . Sally's insights into how to be fascinating and represent a fascinating product will pay dividends for many months and years to come. Our sales force walked out excited and with new ideas on how to do their jobs better.

Wall Street Journal

Not only does Sally's work provide us with new insights and creativity in developing our brand to the next level, it is also refreshing and fascinating to work with her.

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