Connie Podesta

Connie Podesta, Sales, Female Motivational NSB Connie Podesta, Sales, Female Motivational NSB
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Connie Podesta

Expert on High Performance, Leadership, Managing Change, Sales, and Communications

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About Connie Podesta

Connie is a game-changing, revenue-building, sales-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of laugh-out-loud comedy, killer take-away strategies, and interactive, no-power-point delivery style have made her one of the most unique and memorable speakers on the stage today. 30 years. Two million people. 1,000 organizations. Hall of Fame speaker. Award-winning author. Ten books. Former Radio/TV personality. Therapist. Expert on the psychology of sales, leadership, change, accountability, and ...

I was overwhelmed with messages and comments from employees praising you and the important message you delivered to us. I truly believe that lives were changed in a positive way because of your presentation.


Your presentations at WAHSA's Fall Conference are further testimony to your power as a professional speaker. Based on delegates' comments in our evaluation forms, you were the single most important ingredient in our recipe for this successful conference.

Janice Mashak - Wisconsin Assoc. of Homes and Services for the Agi

Your two-hour presentation to our AAL managers resulted in one of the most valuable meetings of the year. I agree! One of your talents is your ability to communicate managerial concepts other speakers spend hours grappling with, in just a few words.

John O. Gilbert, President and CEO - Aid Association for Lutherans

The Million Dollar Round Table rarely invites a speaker back, and never the next year--but in your case we are pleased to make an exception. By popular request, we would like to invite you for an encore presentation as one of our Main Platform speakers.

Karen Lewis Clark, CMP, Program Coordinator - Million Dollar Round Table

Everyone loved you! I got so many positive comments that I not only can't remember them all, but to put them in perfectly paragraphed and punctuated prose is not possible. I kept hearing you were the best we ever had and let's have you again next year!

Tasca Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.

You were the highlight of the conference--even better than George and Barbara Bush or Kenny Loggins!

American Express
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