Rowan Gibson | Global business strategist, bestselling author and expert on radical innovation

Rowan Gibson

Global business strategist, bestselling author and expert on radical innovation

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Rowan Gibson
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Winning in the Innovation Economy

Your audience will learn:

- how to understand innovation at the level of the entire business system
- how to create an enterprise-wide culture that is committed to innovation
- how to invent breakthrough strategies for sustaining profitable growth
- how to build a management infrastructure that supports innovation
- how to make innovation a systemic capability at the organization’s core

Innovation to the Core

A blueprint for transforming the way your company innovates.

Making Innovation Happen!

Innovation is now recognized globally as the core driver of growth, strategic renewal, and long-term competitiveness. It’s literally your company’s only hope for creating new wealth and sustaining business success. But how do you actually make innovation happen? In this keynote presentation, Rowan Gibson looks inside the mind of the innovator to reveal the four key mental perspectives behind all game-changing ideas:

1. CHALLENGING ORTHODOXIES – questioning deeply-held beliefs and conventional assumptions inside a company or an industry
2. HARNESSING TRENDS – using the power of discontinuous change to substantially alter the rules of the game and to drive industry disruption
3. LEVERAGING RESOURCES – repurposing and recombining core competencies and strategic assets in order to stretch into new growth opportunities
4. UNDERSTANDING NEEDS – learning to live inside the customer’s skin, identifying unmet needs and designing solutions from the customer backward

Based on his latest book “The Four Lenses of Innovation: A Power Tool for Creative Thinking,” Rowan shows that by deliberately and systematically using these four proven perspectives, literally anyone can unlock their ability to innovate. In a keynote that is tailored to your own strategic issues, Rowan will provide you with a cutting-edge “Power Tool for Creative Thinking” that you and your people can use to systematically generate breakthrough opportunities for profitable growth.

The Four Lenses of Innovation

This is where the innovation rhetoric becomes reality. In his breakout sessions with The Four Lenses of Innovation™, Rowan Gibson gives you the opportunity to start working with one of the world’s most powerful tools for systematic idea generation. Usually following his keynotes, Rowan facilitates these exciting sessions using a set of proven techniques to stretch your thinking along new lines and produce a portfolio of new, insight-based opportunities for driving growth and renewal. In an inspiring atmosphere, your people will get a chance to radically rethink your products, services, processes, markets, strategies – and even your business model itself – to create new value for your customers. These practical breakout sessions include Rowan’s special handbook of exercises and are specially tailored to your own strategic issues. They engage all participants in the generation of new strategic insights and growth opportunities for your company, teaching them a methodology they can already start using on Monday morning to address their own business challenges. The breakout sessions can be customized to meet your own requirements and usually require 2 – 3 hours.

Mastering Business Model Innovation

Generating game-changing growth opportunities.

Other Topics

• Building a Culture of Creativity and Risk-Taking

• Successful Business Model Innovation

• Driving Dramatic Growth and Strategic Renewal

• Spotting and Exploiting New Strategic Opportunities

• Challenging the Industry Status Quo

• Harnessing Emerging Trends to Create New Value

• Expanding the Boundaries of the Business Model

• Leveraging Resources into New Growth Opportunities

• Understanding and Addressing Unmet Customer Needs

• Opening New Uncontested Market Spaces

• Building High-Performance Innovation Teams

• Adapting Offerings to Local Needs and Tastes

• Leading a Pro-Innovation Organization

• Embedding Innovation as an Enterprise Capability

• Looking Outward and Forward To Stay Ahead of Change

• Learning How Big Ideas Are Built

• Reverse-engineering the Mind of The

• Innovator Innovation Starts with Me!

• Unlocking the Brainpower of the Organization

Achieving Innovation Excellence

Most organizations understand the innovation imperative, but many still struggle to make it a deep, sustainable capability. Why? In this revolutionary keynote speech, Rowan Gibson describes exactly how to build an enterprise-wide innovation system that will help your company achieve innovation excellence. Gibson’ success formula focuses on four key organizational components:

1. LEADERSHIP AND STRUCTURE – deeply committed leaders and organizational infrastructure aligned around a clear innovation strategy
2. PROCESSES AND TOOLS – systematic processes and supporting tools to enable high-performance idea generation and pipeline management
3. PEOPLE AND SKILLS – disciplined approach to building innovation capabilities and engagement across the organization
4. CULTURE AND VALUES – collaborative, open culture and incentives that reward challenging the status quo

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