Robert Gordman

Robert Gordman Robert Gordman

Robert Gordman Speech Topics

Make more money with a $uper $weet $pot
Discover how to use your company's customer-relevant strengths to build a unique Super Sweet Spot that will set you apart from your competition. Every action must support a company's Super Sweet Spot from deciding what products or services to sell, to hiring the right person for every job, to...
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Do You Know What You Don’t Know? and What it Costs You
Every single day businesses and individuals fail because they don't understand the unknown unknowns. This presentation shows how to avoid the trap of the unknown unknowns by asking the right people the right questions while feeling clever, competent, and managerial. Participants will discover how...
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Avoid the Trap of Moo-Cow Management
Blindly following another company’s business model for success is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Participants who attend this presentation will learn how to create a strategic plan that will build sustained, profitable growth. This includes creating a Super Sweet Spot that sets the company...
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