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Paul J. Long Speech Topics

F.U.N. In Pharmaceutical or Medical Sales
The medical industry is one filled compassion fatigue, consistent references to HCAHPS scores, challenges in morale, lack of time and finding new ways to improve patient or customer satisfaction. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, what differentiates you from your competitors in this demanding...
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Connecting the Workplace and Life Through F.U.N.
There are a lot of misperceptions about the impact FUN can have in the workplace. Contrary to popular belief, creating a culture of experience that empowers employees to create more FUN improves employee engagement, reduces attrition and inspires growth across nearly every performance metric. Why...
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The FUNdamentals Of Connected Selling
Why would potential customers want to buy from you? Contrary to popular belief, the most successful salespeople spend more time listening to their prospects or customers than they do talking to them. Being deliberate in creating an environment of self-discovery can eliminate the need for sales at...
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Connecting to Life Through F.U.N.!
Two grown men, cat wrestling singlets and a social experiment. Paul J Long leveraged his concept of Fundamism to become the Kansas City Royals’ 2016 Fan of the Year, National Speaker and advocate of pediatric cancer research. Leveraging his experience as a Director of Operations for a Fortune 300...
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The FUNdamentals Of Awe-Inspiring Service
When was the last time you felt inspired by the service you received? World-class service experiences can help create customer loyalty, overcome price disparity from competitors and most importantly, positively impact the course of someone’s day. In this live or virtual experience, Paul Long...
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The FUNdamentals Of Meaningful Leadership
What if everyone in your organization could identify true fulfillment, feel empowered to create it and embraced joy through the process? Organizations around the globe are challenged right now in their quest to attract and retain great talent. Our work environment, workforce and traditional...
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A Culture of F.U.N. The key to Finding and Keeping Quality Help
Have you been faced with the challenge of finding and keeping quality employees? What drives individuals to stay? It’s no secret that hiring processes, company culture and leadership (or lack thereof) drives attrition rates. Businesses across the globe are actively seeking answers in how to...
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