Pasi Sahlberg | professor of education policy and research director at the Gonski Institute for Education, University of New South Wale

Pasi Sahlberg

professor of education policy and research director at the Gonski Institute for Education, University of New South Wale

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Pasi Sahlberg
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What have we learned from Finland’s educational success?

Finland’s education system has been explored and used and an admirable model since early 2000s. Often, however, lessons drawn from Finnish education system are misinterpreted through inadequate analysis leading to myths and errors that can be very harmful for policies and practices in other places. This presentation challenges these fake news about Finnish education and outlines the key takeaways from international investigation of high-performing education systems.

Leading with small data

Schools around the world are being prepared to new digital solutions and smart machines that are about to make teaching and learning better and improve all schools. More and better data promises rapid learning gains and decreasing rates of failure through Big Data solutions. But educators should also understand what learning analytics, data mining and Big Data cannot do. This presentation explores the key opportunities and limits of datafication in school education and argues that rather than accepting that more data will make schools better, school leaders need to lead with small data and reclaim the professional wisdom and power of human relationships in every school.

Let the children play

For as long as there have been children, they have learned through play. They have learned by moving, exploring, discovering, practicing and experimenting with life. Play, both intellectual and physical, is critical for the healthy growth and learning of a child. Despite strong medical and scientific consensus for play as a foundation of education, play is an increasingly endangered experience for many of the world’s children. This presentation focuses is on children’s play as an essential element of early childhood education, learning and growing up. The conclusions include practical suggestions to early childhood educators and leaders to strengthen the role of play or otherwise improve work with young children.

How to fix inequality in schools and education systems?

International research has revealed that inequality is perhaps the most prevalent and burning challenge in the United States and around the world. Failure to provide inclusive, fair and equitable education schools and entire education systems are failing millions of kids from learning in school what they would need to pursue happiness and good life. This talk provides wide range of evidence to show the magnitude of inequity and suggest practical advice for making schools and school systems fairer and more equitable for all children.

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Pasi Sahlberg

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