Nicole Malachowski | First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Squadron  Commander, White House Fellow & Adviser, and Indomitable Spirit

Nicole Malachowski

First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Squadron Commander, White House Fellow & Adviser, and Indomitable Spirit

Nicole Malachowski
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Current: Asking For Help Changed a Culture

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Asking For Help Changed a Culture
Time 03:09
Flying Loose in Turbulence
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Free Virtual Fridays - Harnessing The Headwinds of Change
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Nicole Malachowski
Featured Keynote Programs

Breaking Barriers
Conquering Self-doubt And Cultural Paradigms

Everyone faces barriers, both personal and professional, that may appear to place limits on what’s possible. When people pursue only what is expected, accept cultural norms that hold them back, and view barriers that appear unsurmountable, their personal and professional lives become limited—scripted. A powerful trailblazer herself, Nicole Malachowski reminds audiences to not let others draw their boundaries, and to break tradition with grace and purpose. She inspires people to see obstacles and challenges as opportunities to grow—a chance to reach new levels of personal and professional excellence.

Nicole delivers actionable insights for pursuing dreams, making choices, and living an unscripted life.

-Define your own possibilities and overcome self-doubt

-Reevaluate traditions, paradigms, and overcome limitations

-Welcome challenges to the status quo

-Why having the courage to ask for help is key to, reaching your potential

-Acknowledge the work-life balance myth

Harnessing Headwinds Of Change

Leaders across every industry and experience level share one thing in common: To be successful they need to effectively navigate failure, organizational change, and the unknown. Like headwinds to a pilot, these perceived barriers can force you to change direction, cost you momentum, and even take away options. These headwinds can feel confusing, disorienting, and downright uncomfortable. In this talk, Nicole Malachowski uses the aviation-based idea of headwinds as a metaphor to show how with the right mindset, individuals and teams can learn to harness the energy of these headwinds in their advantage.

Nicole inspires individuals and organizations and bolsters their ability to:

-Overcome personal and professional failures

-Effectively navigate organizational and cultural change

-Endure the discomfort of the unknown

-Increase resilience, reinvention, regroup, and adaptability

-Have courage to rise above self-doubt and cultural paradigms

-Support and mentor others on the team

Conquering Fog and Friction
Leading Through Times of Crisis

“No war plan survives first contact with the enemy” is a truism. In the military, leaders must acknowledge and address the fog (things we can’t see, know, or predict) and friction (the forces which impede progress) of war. In such times, effective leadership is more crucial than ever. Using the challenges and uncertainties of combat as a metaphor for organizational challenges, Nicole stresses perspective, priorities and positive leadership as she provides tools for leaders to use in times of crisis—or anytime—to keep their organizations successfully moving forward.

Nicole Malachowski offers leaders a framework to lead through fog and friction in times of crisis.

-How to proceed regardless of the unknowns your organization facing

-How to maneuver around or through impediments to your organization’s progress

-Understand the leadership challenges that are unique to times of crisis

-Keep focused on your purpose; perspective is critical to manage risk and adapt

-Positivity and calmness are essential. Instill confidence; don’t add to the chaos

The Mach 2 Mindset
Decision-Making in a High-Speed Environment

One popular pilot saying is “speed is life,” because without enough speed, an airplane is nothing more than an expensive rock. In the business world, especially when technology is involved, speed can be just as crucial. The organization that moves the fastest often realizes the most success. Having flown a high-tech fighter aircraft that can reach speeds of up to twice the speed of sound, Nicole Malachowski offers principles that keep any organization functioning smoothly, efficiently, and at high speed, even when chaos and the unexpected occur.

Nicole’s insights help leaders create a culture where decisions get made quickly.

-Assess the dynamics that slow your organization down

-How turmoil in your operating environment slows you down

-How does a need for speed impact decision-making

-Trust, clear roles, and communication are vital to navigate the unknown at speed

-Practice, planning, and preparation underpin organizations that move quickly

Nicole Malachowski
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Nicole Malachowski

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