Natalie Nixon | Creativity Strategist, President of Figure 8 Thinking LLC

Natalie Nixon

Creativity Strategist, President of Figure 8 Thinking LLC

Natalie Nixon
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The New I in AI
Imagination, Inquiry and Intuition

Worried about how you’ll find your edge in AI? At its BEST, AI enhances human qualities at work. Natalie Nixon, a renowned creativity strategist, advocates for leveraging curiosity, imagination, and intuition to navigate this evolving landscape. Her keynote offers practical insights to redesign work and thrive in the changing paradigm.

Boosting Productivity and Navigating Uncertainty

When ambiguity arises, you can either flee, pause, or charge ahead blindly. Natalie Nixon, a creativity strategist, presents the L.E.A.P MethodTM, a straightforward approach to confront uncertainty. By Leveraging, Envisioning, Asking, and Prototyping, attendees gain clarity and actionable strategies to move forward. Remember, progress only happens in one direction: forward!

Adapt and Disrupt
Build Creativity's Business ROI In the Imagination Era

In the age of AI dominance, creativity is not optional—it's essential. Natalie Nixon, a creativity expert, reveals how imagination drives business success. Learn from pioneering leaders, adopt dynamic methods, and unleash creativity to secure your organization's strategic edge. Embrace innovation, wield imagination, and thrive in disruption.

AI Is Your Co-Creator

Just as we have IQ and EQ, we also have a CQ- or a creativity quotient. This talk explores the links between creativity and leadership and how leaders with a high CQ behave, interact with stakeholders, and co-create a strategic vision.

The Future of Work is Jazz
Applying Improvisation, Collaboration and Foresight

Embrace business improvisation for success. Join creativity strategist Natalie Nixon for a keynote that envisions work as a jazz ensemble—dynamic and harmonious. Discover the parallels between jazz improvisation and agile collaboration, fostering innovation and team synergy. Gain strategic foresight tools for proactive planning. Let's orchestrate a unified business future! 

Curiosity is the Currency of the Future
Building A Culture Of Inquiry

Do you know how to ask really, great, provocative questions? That matters not just for the increasingly basic ways we interact with AI technologies like ChatGPT, but also for executing on a compelling strategy. Natalie Nixon emphasizes the significance of questions in driving innovation and fostering dynamic cultures. Learn various question types, how to ask them effectively, and normalize a culture of inquiry.

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Natalie Nixon

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