Nabil Sakkab

Nabil Sakkab

Senior VP of corporate R&D at Procter & Gamble

About Nabil Sakkab

Dr Nabil Y. Sakkab retired from P&G in 2007 as Senior Vice President, Corporate Research and Development. He served on P&G's Leadership Council and the Innovation Committee of P&G's Board of Directors. He is a thought leader and worldwide speaker in the Open Innovation movement to create disruptive businesses, the author of several scientific and Innovation Management publications and co-inventor on 27+ patents. Dr Sakkab is an Advisory Professor for Tsinghua University in Beijing. He ...

Addressing the role of innovation to logistics leaders across the nation representing manufacturing, academia and government, Nabil delivers a compelling presentation of a roadmap for innovation. Summit participants gave Dr. Sakkab the highest rating while his presence attracted many to attend the Summit.

Scott Stewart, Port Director - Port of Indiana / Jeffersonville

Nabil's presentation was the most insightful and thought-provoking presentation of our conference. He challenged this high level audience to focus on technologies and business models of tomorrow, rather than "maintaining yesterday". Having heard Dr. Sakkab speak many times, I can attest to his natural speaking style and focus.

Keith Grime, Ph.D. President - JKG Consulting LLC
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