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Mike Massimino: Speaking Reel
Mike Massimino: Accepting and Embracing Change
Mike Massimino: The Moth Storytelling A View of the Earth
Mike Massimino: Working with Your Team and Clients Over Distance
Mike Massimino: Dealing with Isolation
Mike Massimino: Recovering from Adversity, Tragedy, and Disappointment

Mike Massimino

Former NASA Astronaut, First Person to Tweet From Space, and Bestselling Author

About Mike Massimino

Mike Massimino is a former NASA Astronaut, a New York Times bestselling author, a Columbia University engineering professor, and an advisor at The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. A veteran of two space shuttle missions and four spacewalks, Mike was the first person to tweet from space, holds the team record for the most spacewalking time on a single space shuttle mission, and successfully completed the most complicated spacewalk ever attempted to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Mike ...

The session went really well! We had almost 300 people from around the world tune in live for Mike's presentation. He told a great story and wove in messages around not giving up on your dreams, teamwork, working in isolation, and a lot of others. We have received extremely good feedback from participants, unsolicited, around his story and message. I think it was a home run or a perfect lift off!


This was just truly amazing! Mike's talk was truly inspiring and so motivating! Everyone loved it!


Mike was really great to work with and just some amazing stories and we're bummed our clients couldn't meet him in person, but we think this is the next best thing. Sort of like him talking to us from space. Many of his stories are very topical to what we are all going through right now including the quarantine astronauts go through before going into space and the isolation even in space being disconnected from the world. Really powerful!

Personify, Inc.

Mike is so inspiring, motivational, and GENUINE!!! His stories are amazing - I could listen to him all day! It was truly a hit with our audience. Please thank Mike on behalf of the entire team. I hope we get to work together on another event in the future.

Boston-based Retirement Services organization

We can't thank you enough for your inspiring kick off presentation. You set just the right tone for our meeting and inspired our guests to create innovative approaches to solving some of our thorniest business issues. The meeting was a rousing success and you played a big part teeing it up.

Zurich North America

OMG - he was awesome! Everyone loved him!! He stayed to sign books and I think all 300 people waited in line to have him do so. We extended lunch by 30 min. so that everyone could have a chance to meet him, get their photos with him, and get their books signed. Mike is so genuine and so personable. He mingled with everyone before and after his talk. He is truly fabulous. We'll certainly recommend him to other groups within UnitedHealth Group. We couldn't have had a better motivator for our team.

United Healthcare
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