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The Black Experience & The American Dream
Michael Steele points to various personal experiences and news headlines to engage audiences in a powerful discussion about the black experience in the context of the American Dream. Touching on hard-hitting topics and themes, including the effectiveness of the black leadership, white America’s...
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Inspired and Inspiring Leadership
Michael Steele delivers a stirring presentation on his personal journey from his childhood as the son of a working mother in Washington, DC, to his difficulties in college and his years in a Catholic seminary. He gives insights into the challenges and joys of public service as an elected official...
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The 2008 Financial Crisis and Why We Still Ignore Solutions
“In 2007, newly appointed Fed Chair, Ben Bernanke, declared that problems in the subprime mortgage market were so “limited” they would not create “significant spillovers”. Within a year, those limited problems would snowball into a full-blown crisis and the financial community would see the...
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Solutions to Move America Forward – A View from Both Sides of the Aisle
When paired with a speaker with contrasting ideals; Michael Steele expertly presents a compelling point-counterpoint debate over some of the major issues that will impact the nation.
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Our Founding Principles and 2020
Politics is a bit like a rash: unsightly, irritating, and sometimes lacking in intellectual or ideological coherence. However, also like a rash, our politics cannot be safely ignored. A rash may prove inconsequential; or as in this case, it may be a symptom of a malady that’s much more serious...
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How to Win Elections and Lose the Country
To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, madness is rare in individuals - but in political parties it is the rule. From the very founding of our American political system, we have been less than sane when it comes to our politics and political parties. But what makes the madness different today? And...
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The Political Scene According to Steele
Michael Steele’s experiences as Maryland's lieutenant governor, as a candidate for the US Senate, and as a Republican Party leader make him an excellent guide on the fast-paced world of politics. He is a political pundit and a respected political analyst at MSNBC. He dissects the nuance and the “...
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