Maureen Healy | Internationally Renowned Educator, Author of "The Emotionally Healthy Child" and Social & Emotional Learning Expert

Maureen Healy

Internationally Renowned Educator, Author of "The Emotionally Healthy Child" and Social & Emotional Learning Expert

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Maureen Healy
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The Emotionally Healthy Childby Maureen Healy

The Emotionally Healthy Child

by Maureen Healy

Building Resilience in Today’s Children

Our children – despite our best efforts, make mistakes, get teased, come down with a cold, and don’t always make the grade. So, what can we do? We can equip ourselves and them with a science-based skillset, which builds resilience. Author and expert, Maureen Healy, has helped 1000s of children, families and schools learn the science of childhood resilience, as well as the strategies (activities, scripts, skills) that help children bounce back versus break down when problems arise. Invite Maureen to gain a fresh perspective, and walk away with practical tools to help today’s children in our wildly unpredictable world.

Additional follow-up keynotes, and workshops include:

  • Resilience Education in the Classroom (K-8)
  • Educating for Resilience (Preschool, and K-5): Participants get ideas, activities, and nitty-gritty details of how to incorporate resilience education in elementary school.
  • Resilient Schools – Learn the best practices of resilience education from schools throughout the United States. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the formal, and informal practices of resilience, as well as what these educational centers do not do.
  • Resilient Schools, Students and Families – This is an enrichment program for the entire school community (teachers, administrators, staff, and parents) to gain a deeper understanding of the science of resilience, and how to tweak the algorithm in their lives. Best practices of the classroom and home are shared. Maureen literally gives parents (and teachers) the words to say to help children recover from difficulties.

The Emotionally Healthy Child

We all want to raise, and nurture healthy children. The question most of us stumble with is how? Invite Maureen to share the science and real-life strategies of nurturing positive emotional health in today’s elementary and middle school aged children.

Audience member takeaways include:

  • Learn the 7 essential ideas of how emotions work, which children must know to begin making better choices (even with tricky emotions!).
  • Ideas and science-based activities to help children express their emotions more constructively in the classroom (or at home).
  •  Insight into the child who struggles with anger, anxiety, perfectionism, outbursts at home (not school) and making (or keeping) friends.
  • A deeper understanding of what emotional health and balance looks like in children, as well as how to nurture it in oneself—and do it with more self-compassion, clarity, and confidence.

Helping Children Becoming Happier

Our children are stressed out whether it’s the bully on the playground, or the homework they’re struggling with. Things aren’t necessarily easy, or carefree. Helping children constructively express and manage their stressors, and learn coping skills, as well as how to have happier life experiences is our aim. Author and Educator, Maureen Healy, shares the art and science of happier children. She shares what you can do in the classroom (ideas, activities, strategies) as well as the “little things” that make a mighty difference at home. 

Participants walk away with: 

  • A fresh perspective on the science and art of happier life experiences.
  • Science-based ideas, and tools to become happier, as well as how to teach that to your students and children. 
  • A resource list of books, videos, audios, and experiments that you can incorporate by grade level to build into your happiness (social and emotional learning) curriculum.

Maureen Healy
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Maureen Healy

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