Dwayne Reed | Re-Energizing American Education and Classrooms with his Positivity, Creativity, and Fun!

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Dwayne Reed

Re-Energizing American Education and Classrooms with his Positivity, Creativity, and Fun!

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Dwayne Reed

Teaching phenom and educational activist, Dwayne Reed, has been crisscrossing the globe, promoting his message of love and equity in education. After seeing viral success with the release of his educational music video, "Welcome to the 4th Grade," and appearing on Good Morning America, CNN, and MTV's TRL, Reed has been on a mission to convince the world that relationships mean everything in education, and that every child, no matter their race or social status, deserves a fair chance at a quality education. Mr. Reed spends his free time writing educational songs, playing basketball, and 'chillin' in his neighborhood,' on the Westside of Chicago.

Dwayne Reed
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Welcome to the 4th Grade - Dwayne Reed
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Dwayne Reed
Featured Keynote Programs

The Educator Your Scholars Need

The first step in being the educator your scholars need is to build relationships with them! Teaching phenom, and relationship-building expert, Mr. Reed, will inspire your teachers in the art of Maslow before Bloom, which means getting kids to know you care before they care about what you know. Each participant will take-away dozens of practical, relationship-building skills and strategies which can immediately be implemented in their classroom. Teacher-leaders will also benefit from the lessons learned in this session!

Make Reading Fun Again

This session highlights ways in which building a relationship with students can rewire their ideas about reading. Mr. Reed, a reading teacher by trade, will discuss tactics and strategies he’s used in the classroom which have caused hundreds of children to develop a love for reading! Changing your relationship with your scholar will always change their relationship with reading. Find out how, here!

Your First Year Of Teaching

This session hilariously chronicles the crazy time known as one’s first year of teaching! Mr. Reed shows his love for pre-service educators by giving them a real, raw, and completely authentic look at what the first year of war…teaching… is like. Reed will share his out-of-the-box ideas and many of the experiences that helped him survive his first go-‘round at things. Future teachers can expect to see a genuine picture of what the first year will be like, and to leave with a smile on their face, and a song in their heart!

Teaching to the Tech

This session will give educators the tools necessary to establish meaningful relationships with their students through the use of technology. Though distanced due of COVID-19, teachers and other educators CAN develop strong, loving relationships with their students by using the strategies discussed in this session, along with a multitude of other tech tools, sites, and resources which will be covered. As it’s been said, teachers can do virtually anything!

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Dwayne Reed

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