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Marques, you have a truly inspirational story, I can relate to a lot of it. Especially the perseverance part, you have incredible words of wisdom. You will do great things as a keynote speaker!
Mel Robbins
It was a great honor to have you speak at our company event. I have received many favorable remarks about your keynote and the style in which you delivered the information. You have a great ability to not only connect and inspire your audience but deliver practical applicable advice. We hope to arrange to have you speak at other events in the future and with no hesitation will continue to recommend you as a first-choice keynote speaker. Thanks again for providing such a compelling and informative keynote. We will talk again with you soon.
M O'Sullivan - All In Behavioral Health
In addition to providing great content, Marques had great execution. His talk was engaging, and he has a powerful stage presence. It is obvious Marques knows what he is talking about! I also want to say I appreciate how easy it was to work with both Marques and yourself. All my emails were answered immediately, and you maintained open lines of communication throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend Marques and will be contacting him soon on some upcoming projects.
Giovanna Kiani - Manager - Product and Business Development
I would highly recommend Marques Ogden for any program dealing with veterans and athletes who are transitioning their life. He is a forceful and dynamic speaker, and truly an inspiration to all those who hear his message.
A. H. - Director of Operations - VetSports, Inc.
His story of success, failure, accepting responsibility for his actions and the resulting success resonated with everyone in the audience. Moreover, the time and research Marques invested in his presentation was obvious to the entire team. He was able to connect his speaking points directly to our daily business and to our overall mission. Marques spoke as if he had been with our organization for years.
Colonel Ted Studdard, USMC (RET) - Home Depot
Marques did a fantastic job captivating our students right out of the gate. They always hear stories about success, but very rarely do they hear about the bumps in the road along the way!
Michael Roberto - Harvard University and Bryant University
I heard Marques speak at our annual kick off meeting in Raleigh NC. He did an amazing job talking to our employees about leadership, accountability, and being self-motivated, to be successful in our industry. I highly recommend Marques as a keynote speaker, especially on the topics of leadership and accountability!
John Watson III - New York Life
Marques Ogden did a phenomenal job speaking for our chamber. His story can relate to so many business owners. He is a natural fit for speaking to audiences about how to start and maintain a successful business, along with the topic of real leadership in corporate America!
Shannon Flaherty - Apex Chamber of Commerce
Marques was an amazing speaker at our Diversity Day event! He was entertaining, captivating, and a great story teller! I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker!
Terry Watts - Siemens Medical Solutions
It was such a pleasure to meet you and here you speak at the AMAT National Convention, in Atlanta Georgia. I truly enjoyed your inspirational story, along with your effective delivery of leadership advice in a practical way!
Joe Ferreira - President and CEO - Nevada Donor Network
Marques, thank you speaking at our AMAT conference in Atlanta. Your message on Leadership was awesome!!
Bobby Howard - President - AMAT