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Mark Thompson

CEO of Virgin Unite Entrepreneurship Academy

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Mark Thompson
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Make Change Happen Fast - Success Built to Last

Some speakers talk about change and growth, but they’ve never done it before. Thompson has made it happen. He’s been an operating executive with a front-row seat on transformations at Charles Schwab, and a board member at Best Buy, and Apple’s top iPhone and iPad app companies. He’s worked in 12 industries directly with executive teams at Nokia, NIKE, Unilever, Baird, Bank of New York and 35 firms in the US, Europe, Asia and Brazil. Thompson bets his own wallet on change and innovation by investing in companies that are on the leading edge of change.

How do you convince your team not only to embrace change, but actually lead the transformation now – with urgency?

How have world-class firms taken the leap that you’re facing?

The difference between top 3 market leaders & all others

How to take advantage of turbulence in your markets in order to steal bases on competitors and build value for customers

What are the three fundamental factors that galvanize change in every person?

What are the seven steps to change in every organization?

Now, Build a Great Business! Customer Service Built to Last

Based on the business classic Built to Last that sold over one million copies, Thompson reveals the tools of the world's most successful leaders for the sequel, Success Built to Last. This inspiring and fun keynote provides the secrets from hundreds of high producers whom Thompson has studied and met face-to-face.

How world-class teams generate unstoppable growth
Five Customer Service strategies that are Built to Last
Seven ways to boost profits in any market

How to actually grow leaders from Good to Great – Level 1 to 5 – what are the three steps necessary for developing the best teams?

What are the best practices from managers and entrepreneurs with track records of more than two decades of success?

What are the three critical drivers of influence for every high achiever?

Make Sales Happen – Practical Ways to Boost Business

This keynote will bring you Level 5 Sales Growth and Good to Great Performance.

The Invisible Close – How to win clients who don’t want to be sold. What is Level 5 Sales Growth and how to take Business Performance from Good to Great?

Create Your Irresistible Offer – Defining better outcomes and benefits

How to Build Partnerships From the Start – Investing in client loyalty

What Does Your Market Crave? Helping clients understand the cost of ignoring your offer. How to gain strategic advantage over every other offer

Five Mistakes That Repel Customers & Cut Sales in Half

Five P’s That Double Sales: Positioning–Pain–Promise–Proof–Planning

How to convert loyal clients into higher ticket up-sell opportunities

The Two Personalities of the World’s Most Profitable Clients

Business Transformation
Drive Change and Create a Culture of Innovation

Disruptive innovation is happening all around us in almost every industry. “Disruptive Innovation” can mean: disrupting your competitors, customer relationships, internal processes, reward systems, management strategy, the status quo and “last century thinking”. But how do you create a culture of innovation that enables a big company to think and act like a small one? Mark shares insights on world-class companies that struggled with change - some that failed to adjust to meet changing markets and others that reinvented their business models and transformed entire industries with disruptive innovations. Mark answers several questions that will help you understand how to:

- Enable your teams to not only embrace change, but lead business transformation

- Operationalize innovation while still meeting the demands of Wall Street

- Remove the fear of failure for disruptive ideas

- Create incentive systems that reward those that challenge “business as usual”

- Empower employees at every level to make change happen

Building a Most Admired Brand through Customer and Employee Engagement

Leaders of the world’s Most Admired Companies know that the customer experience IS the brand! Customer engagement is not about transactions, it’s about RELATIONSHIPS - acting as though you’d put your own money on the line in your customer’s company. If you were investing in your customer’s company, you’d think differently about how you deal with them and fight for their success like it was your own. Mark brings many examples of how the most admired brands approach customer engagement and set the standard for lasting customer relationships in their industries. These companies understand four key components that lead to lasting customer relationships:

- Every touchpoint that a customer encounters is defining your brand

- Delivering a consistent experience regardless of point of contact or method of communication

- A high level of Employee Engagement is critical to achieving Customer Engagement

- Knowing what your MVPs (both customers and employees) value is key

Most Admired Leadership
Nobody Does it Alone! Building Great Teams

Mark shares insights into the top leadership qualities of the world’s Most Admired Leaders according to the most engaged employees. In a broad survey of over 10,000 employees in 110 countries, Mark’s research team identified the top eight leadership traits that people want from their leaders. He presents case studies from many of these leaders including his experience working directly with several of them. He outlines how the Most Admired leaders have achieved such enduring success over decades and how they consistently:

- Recruit, Build and Retain the highest performing teams

- Create a corporate culture that Inspires loyalty and engagement

- Face adversity and bounce back from failures

- Challenge themselves and their teams year after year to outdo themselves and achieve continuous and long-term growth

- Learn what their MVP’s value and what drives them in their lives and work

Fanatic Sales Growth - Success Built to Last Growing from Good to Great to ADMIRED

In this high-impact keynote, Mark reveals the critical drivers behind long-term sales growth and enduring success. He lays out the key factors that differentiate companies that are Good, those that become Great and those that are ADMIRED.

- How world-class teams generate unstoppable growth

- Avoiding common mistakes that cut sales in half

- 5 Tools To Double Sales: Positioning-Pain-Promise-Proof-Planning

- The customer service strategies that drive customer retention

- Discovering what your market craves and getting ahead of the curve

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Mark Thompson

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