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Standing on a live volcano next to a glowing lava flow, Marlin, the shows founder, had an epiphany--"all life is drawn to light." Like a deer frozen in the headlights, a moth to a flame or a seed to the sun, humans also gravitate toward the light. If you have played with flashlights under the covers, marveled at fireworks or are transfixed by the candles on a cake, you understand the fascination we all have. Light is a universal constant.

Luma is an exhilarating and entirely original form of performance ...

Luma combines the play of light with the spirit of play to create a show that gives light three dimensional form. [Think "Stomp" with the light in place of found objects. Think Mummenschanz, for its love of illusion and metaphor."]

Ann Arbor News

. . . This production is mind-boggling and filled with startling ingenious moments . . .

Charleston's City Paper

. . . a stunning illuminated spectacle that's tough to categorize . . . refreshingly original . . . get ready for the ride of your light.

Charleston's Post and Courier

. . . never fails to amaze. The show is literally and figuratively illuminating.

Chicago Tribune
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