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Christine Dumas

Dr. Christine Dumas is a Consumer Health and Lifestyle reporter, strategic healthcare policy advisor and author. Since 1996, Christine has covered the health and wellness, consumer affairs and lifestyle space and her stories have appeared on NBC's Today and Today: Weekend Edition and Weekend Live on FOX, and she has made guest appearances on both The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. She is one of the most trusted television personalities in the country, offering audiences the information that they need to gain control over their health, happiness, career and future in a most entertaining and engaging style.

Dr. Dumas has been the national spokesperson and strategic advisor for Fortune 500 company campaigns and served as a senior adviser to the Center for Health Transformation in Washington, DC. In addition to her clinical training, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA and she served on Speaker Newt Gingrich's Strategic Advisory Committee, chaired by Gov. Pete DuPont. Her insight and Washington experience among politicians, policy and watchdog groups as well as industry organizations makes her perspective increasingly valuable in this rapidly changing marketplace.

Dr. Dumas has also served as a national spokesperson and strategic planning consultant for the American Medical Association's Women's Health Campaign and the National Tobacco-Free Steering Committee for the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. She served on the senior faculty of the American Medical Association's Health Broadcasting Conference for over a decade, providing counsel and advice to some of the most well-known officials and experts communicating with the public. She is one of the nation's foremost experts and thought leaders on high quality healthcare transformation.

As an expert in consumer trends, Dr. Dumas has advised domestic and multi-national brands on message, product positioning and tactical outreach. Christine was the national spokesperson for Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings Campaign as well as being the national lifestyle expert for Kellogg's Special K Challenge Campaign. In her outreach as national spokesperson for Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings Campaign alone, her message on lifestyle and wellness reached over 40 million American households.

Dr. Dumas launched one of the most successful disruptive innovation product launches in Procter and Gamble history, Crest Whitestrips, which is now one of their most popular brands, bringing in over $250 million in revenues a year. Through a partnership with Procter and Gamble, she served as the national keynote speaker for the "Speaking of Women's Health Campaign," where she covered the latest trends in health, lifestyle and fitness, while delivering that message to thousands of women across the United States. She has personally spoken with well over a quarter million Americans regarding lifestyle, family life, relationships, healthcare, success and living your strongest life. Christine's first book, "Special Treatment," was selected by Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine as one of the top ten must read health and wellness books of the year.

Companies utilize her skills, warmth and demeanor due to her connection with a wide demographic and because of one prime keyword affiliation: trust. Consumers across the country have bonded with Dumas listening to her sage recommendations, knowing it originates from someone who understands them, their lifestyle and their needs. She holds an unparalleled position in this capacity, and is considered one of the key connectors to "gatekeeper consumers," viewed by many as their primary demographic.

Dr. Dumas has spent her career reporting on trends in lifestyle, health, and wellness giving her a leading-edge perspective that is sought-after by Fortune 500 corporations, think tank associations and group forums. Her background and broad-based career experience give her a unique perspective that resonates with audiences. She has covered a broad range of issues in her reporting -- from health and wellness breakthroughs to strategic consumer trends -- all with unparalleled intensity, commitment and compassion.

Christine Dumas
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Christine Dumas
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Healthcare Transformation 3.0- From Artificial Intelligence to Brand Authenticity

Dr. Christine Dumas – television medical reporter, economist, author and senior advisor for the Center for Health Transformation, founded by Speaker Newt Gingrich – puts you at the center of healthcare’s new frontier where medicine, big data, artificial intelligence, consumer engagement and medical economics are converging with unprecedented speed and intensity.

Data, combined with empathic engagement, is rapidly becoming the currency of modern medicine. In this exciting course, Dr. Christine lays the groundwork for understanding how new types of data, artificial intelligence, and consumer engagement will change the way we discover medicines, treat patients and save lives.

In the same way that retail, financial services, entertainment, and virtually all other industries have been reshaped by data and analytics, they are now reshaping health care, as well. Data and artificial intelligence are becoming the drivers of higher-quality, more cost-effective decision-making in healthcare and they required to take today’s healthcare companies toward heightened levels of valuation, performance, and profitability.

As we transition to this new world of data-driven medicine, patients will be empowered to take a far more active role in their own healthcare decisions. Consumers of healthcare today want to engage with healthcare brands that have purpose and a story. Bringing that brand purpose to life through storytelling is becoming an increasingly critical business competency in this new landscape of healthcare delivery.

If you want a glimpse into the future, this course will give you the definitive playbook to elevate performance and achieve unparalleled patient experiences and outcomes. The stakes could not be any higher, and this course can serve as your guide for navigating the new healthcare frontier.

Transformational Healthcare - How Business Leaders Can Get Ahead of the Curve in a Post- Healthcare Reform World

In the post-reform world of healthcare, American businesses will be among the most heavily impacted by the new legislation. From new regulations and compliance issues to dealing with potential caps on premiums, many businesses may already be significantly behind the curve on managing the impact to their business and to their employees. In this presentation, Christine Dumas can help you navigate the complexities of this new legislation and share with your human resource and business leaders what they need to do now to prepare for the coming change.

Our country is at a critical juncture regarding the health of our citizens and the transformation of our health care system as a result of the passage of healthcare reform legislation. As research and science lead to groundbreaking cures and new live-saving treatments, doctors, patients, human resource and health care administrators are all increasingly frustrated by the factors that drive up costs and limit the availability of the highest quality, state of the art health care.

Drawing on her experience as a nationally recognized medical correspondent with a degree in Economics, a nationally recognized expert on corporate workplace wellness and as a senior advisor to the Center for Health Transformation in Washington DC, Dr. Christine Dumas covers the leading edge trends in the U.S. health care system and the changes that will come as a result of the new legislation. She covers how these trends will transform our health care system and the role that corporate America will play.

What Christine knows from her years covering healthcare is that promoting better health means more than just passing new healthcare legislation. To get a healthier America and a healthier workforce we need to transform the way Americans think about their health. She discusses a leadership-driven model for a healthcare system of the future that we can embark on today - one that is patient-centered and rich in innovation. She outlines in detail what the American consumer really wants from their healthcare experiences. She provides her audiences with insight on the critical issues that business leaders and human resource managers will face when dealing with the new healthcare landscape as a result of the new legislation, while outlining specific trends that will lead to better care and a healthier America.

Brand Authenticity and Brand Building

Dr. Christine’s industry focus as a brand strategist and brand ambassador in life sciences, consumer brands, and the financial marketplace gives her a unique perspective that is invaluable in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

We are in an entirely new environment where businesses need to compete and be able to emotionally engage with their customers and their employees. Today, consumer decisions are driven by the “brand experience” and these experiences are defining success in the marketplace and having a direct impact on valuation and investor confidence.

In this course, Dr. Christine shows how to apply the strategic media and brand building principles she has gained from her experience working with Fortune 500 companies. In her work with Procter and Gamble, she launched one of the most successful, disruptive innovation brands in Procter and Gamble history – Crest Whitestrips – which is now one of their most popular brands, bringing in over $250 million in revenues per year. She will share how to most effectively communicate brand value propositions for companies to the key audiences that can have the greatest impact on their success – media, consumers, investors and industry stakeholders.

Consumers today want to engage with brands that have purpose and a story. They want to be part of something with meaning that matters. Storytelling is an increasingly critical component of success. In this course, Dr. Christine will show you how to bring your brand purpose to life by emotionally engaging with consumers with empathic storytelling while taking your brand toward heightened levels of valuation, performance, and profitability.

Transformational Healthcare for the Future

The changing world of health care, and deciding how to best deliver it in the future is increasingly a headline news story. Public policy debates on which direction to go often lead to confusing end results. Transformational health care solutions that can provide patient centered, world class quality care at a lower cost are the way to go – with better quality of life and better health outcomes for all. Healthcare television correspondent and healthcare futurist, Dr. Christine Dumas offers exciting ideas that will transform the way you look at the future of healthcare.

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