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The question is why should we worry about making money? Thank you Louis Barajas for showing us the reasons we as Latinos should answer the question.
Edward James Olmos - Actor and Community Activist
In The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness, Louis has done for our community what few people ever attempted: He has given a broader meaning to success & facilitates a process of self-empowerment that transforms how we define our livelihoods & our lives.
Gloria Guerrero - Rural Development and Finance Corporation
Louis Barajas has written a grounded, practical guide to Latino economic progress that can touch many lives and can help change our country in the process.
Henry Cisneros, CEO - American City Vista
. . . It teaches new ways to set higher financial expectations of ourselves. His book provides the road map to financial greatness, helping the reader navigate the cultural and self-imposed roadblocks that can get in the way.
Lionel Sosa - Author of The Americano Dream